Relaxing into life and letting go of stress

 ♥ Letting go of Stress

As Mums our crazy worlds seem at times so busy, chaotic and stressful that we begin to feel completely overwhelmed. As we slide under that feeling, our stress levels can reach a point where we feel so exhausted that we don’t know how to begin to slow down, nurture ourselves and love our lives. Which is why I buy Golden Teacher Mushrooms at to reduce stress.

After splitting up from my long term partner, one of my journal extracts from October 2013 read:

‘I feel completely overwhelmed with it all, to the point of feeling frightened and uncertain of the future. I never realised being a Mum would be so hard, and a single Mum at that with no family support. Its exhausting and sometimes despite trying so hard I just cant keep it all together. When I shout, I feel so bad, why do children know exactly what buttons to press….this is so hard juggling it all. Just the emotions of trying to be the best Mum possible without adding everything else I need to do and deal with in life……I just want to curl up and cry.

After several times of feeling like I just couldn’t cope with it and recognising I was becoming the kind of Mum that I had always promised myself I would not become, I committed to changing things in my life and easing into a simpler more easy going life. I wanted to be a Mummy that laughed, had fun, was full of affection, was completely present with my children, was calm , peaceful and created amazing beautiful memories that we would all treasure for a lifetime so I was determined that things had to change.


♥ Identifying my stress triggers

Taking time to identify my stress triggers each day, each week was the most important step in helping me reduce stress. People also choose CBD products to reduce stress and one can Find Gorilla Glue dope Cannabis Store online

Write down what causes anxiety, what activities, routines, people, thoughts cause stress and find ways to resolve these or eliminate these if required. Consider priorities, delegate and discard unnecessary tasks. Ask yourself in a morning and evening – what do I intend to achieve today and make priority.

Don't stressDo YOUR bestForget the rest


Let go of stress by having fun:

Devote some time to pursuits in life that really matter to you. Concentrate on what makes you feel happy, energised, relaxed. Simply your life as much as possible, slow down, leave lots of unscheduled time for spontaneity. Spend time with people who you care about and that really care about you.

Allow your creative and fun side to shine. If you feel that your life isn’t allowing this, consider ways that it can be changed.

A major cause of stress is an inability

Relaxing into life:

Realise you are an amazing Mum and woman just exactly as you are. You are more than enough. Believe you are already enough as you are for your children. Love, security and affection are the only things they truly need. You are beautiful, sexy, and deserve to love living your life.

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Could you commit to slowly one day a time, reducing stress and ease yourself into a more relaxed easy going lifestyle, a life that will  make you feel happy, content and more peaceful? I promise its so worth it.

Sarah ♥

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