Want to feel Joy as a Mum?

Joy less or Joyful?

Can we really love our lives as Mums and feel joy in what life offers us every day? As a Mother sometimes this can be a hard concept to grasp.

Children seem to drain and sap our energy from us on a daily basis and can leave us feeling completely exhausted and mentally drained. I know from experience as a Mum to two young children, that you can start your day with every wonderful intention, with a heart full of gratitude and love for your children but by the end of the day sometimes our minds are not in that same good place after dealing with the challenges of life and our children too. It can feel that children can completely change our mood despite every intention that we have.

At times it can feel relentless, frustrating and unrewarding yet when we become consciously aware of our thoughts….we start to realise that’s what they are…….they are just thoughts.

No one has the power to take your joy, YOU alone are the Mistress of your thoughts, higher energy and happiness.

  finding joyHappiness and Joy is possible

When we start to understand that we are creating our reality every day of our lives by the thoughts we have, things change. Take control back into your own hands, no blaming, no excuses. YOU can feel joy and happiness as a woman and a Mum when you start to sift through your thoughts and concentrate on being grateful for all your blessings and feeling good.

Develop exercises every day that help you cope. Could you have mantras that help you stay calm. A useful one I have found is breathing in the word PEACE and breathing out the word JOY especially when tempers start to flare or you start to feel anxious or annoyed. It is too easy at times to get caught up in the moment, get angry, hold a grudge, yet what is the point?

Understand the importance of realising what YOU need every day to stay peaceful and joyful. What little things could YOU do every day that would make a difference?

‘It all begins with you, if you do not look after yourself, you will not be strong enough to take care of anything in your life’

bad13f82ae3421f408c297788a6abe0dLets not expect perfection of ourselves, our children, or others, lets not place expectations on others to fulfil our happiness, lets stop trying to control outcomes. Slow down, stop trying to do too much in a day. Be present with whoever you are with, really live in the moment each and every day.

Make time to laugh every day. Find joy wherever and whenever you possibly can and then spread it around you like confetti. Take time to nurture yourself and understand  and act on what makes you happy and joy will follow.



Sarah  <3


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