Creative Journaling and how it can really help you

♥ What is Creative Journaling?

Creative Journaling is a process of recording our innermost thoughts, hopes, fears and desires. As we start to get those thoughts on paper, our mind becomes clear and the incessant chatter that seems to be in our brains constantly as a woman starts to ease.

Writing a few pages every day can completely change how we feel about things as it starts to put our life into perspective. There are lots of ways to start journaling and when we incorporate this with some creativity, it starts to help us feel more inspired and feel more excited about the life we have and the life WE can create.


♥ What would Creative Journaling do for me?

Have you always wanted to journal but never found the time?

There are so many reasons to start. For me, the most special one is that you start to really understand yourself as a person, it gives you the opportunity to explore who YOU are and what YOU really want.  It gives you an amazing opportunity to rekindle your own creativity and leads to self growth. You start to become at peace with who you are as you move towards whatever resonates with your heart and soul.

It helps you begin to understand issues in your life, and puts any challenges into perspective.  It has helped me track life lessons so that I realise where I have gone wrong and what steps I can take to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Incredibly, it helps to ease stress and worry and minimises challenges that we face everyday. As you become more in touch with your feelings, it allows you to accept those feelings and then let them go in a way that nothing else can.  When we write down our thoughts it helps us to process them and understand them.

It has helped me overcome fear and move towards creating the life I knew I desired.

Relationships start to improve as we begin to appreciate who we have in our life and feel a deeper connection with those people.

What I have found, is that it has made me realise how precious life is. I have a treasure trove of journals over the years full of memories and I have been taught through this the importance of living in the moment and making each day count. This increases happiness levels in so many ways.

♥ Where do I start?

There are all sorts of journaling. I have a Gratitude Journal, a Travel Journal, a Life Lessons Journal and also one which is full of quotes, ideas, dreams, answers to questions I have asked myself.

Start with a blank book and decorate it however you like. This is fun, spark that creativity up and really personalise it. Make it unique and beautiful so that you will want to write in it everyday.

Start with whatever you want too.

Do you want to start writing things you are grateful for, things you love about your life? Maybe just a place to write about all those feelings, which releases stress and helps us enjoy our day more.

Its a gentle process which as you begin to write more you will explore other ways you can become more creative with it. You will gain so much appreciation of the life you have and the life YOU can create.

‘What you create doesn’t have to be perfect, just enjoy it’

For inspirational ideas on what to journal about, how to spark the creativity more visit the facebook page.
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Enjoy writing and getting creative and keep visiting for more ideas.

Creative Journaling



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