Are you a Free spirit?

Are you a Free Spirit?

Do you feel that life is fun, are you curious about each and every magical day? Do you dream big and feel inspired by the world around you?

Or, does life feel tiring, a struggle, even pointless at times? If you feel this way, I promise….you can change this by spending time alone and working out what could make your life happier, by facing your fears and following your dreams.

Living as a free spirit will rock your world and change everything, it is the way to inner happiness and a love of life that can change our perception in so many ways.

♥ Living Life as a Free Spirit

Never ever apologise to anyone for living your life as a free spirit or wanting too. It is a gift to be happy to wander, discover, travel, get lost because it is at these times that we can truly find ourselves. Even with all our responsibilities as a Mum and woman, we can still without doubt feel like a free spirit,

I have learnt that it is when I dare to take a different path to what is expected that my creativity starts, where my awareness of all that I am and all I really want happens. By travelling and discovering our beautiful world and through Creative journaling I have sparked this free spirit inside me and especially the times I have travelled on my own independently as a single woman and Mum which has caused me to face fears, insecurities, doubts and truly live in the moment.

Solitude forces me to stop, let my mind go quiet and focus on the hardest task of all which is being completely truly happy with myself and where  I am in life. It makes me realise that there is no reason to wonder or obsess about what the future has in store for me. Instead, when I travel and I am at a beach, or on a cliff top or standing in awe of a beautiful lake that is when I know for sure that there is something much larger at play and that the universe is guiding me to the life I’ve dreamt of and the life I am creating.


At times I have needed that time alone just to honour and respect my journey through life so far, how many changes have happened, how many life lessons I have learnt especially in this last year alone and to come to peace with issues and let things go. I have felt so completely overwhelmed. faced aching loneliness, unbelievable uncertainty and  have felt out of control coping on my own with two little ones but through it all I have learnt how to trust myself in ways that I could have never imagined. It is often in our deepest pain that we are empowered to grow into the person we were meant to truly be.

Learning to trust myself and also to trust that the universe will guide me every step of the way has only been learnt by being alone, having time to stop and reflect on exactly who I am and what I want in my life.

If you have the heart to follow your own knowing and start to act only on what comes naturally to you and resonates with your soul, your life will become so much more easy going, fun and carefree. Be in harmony with your heart always. Silence and solitude is required for this. It can be a friend that can guide you to happiness.

Step away from false appearances and beliefs. By being yourself you will create waves. People will misunderstand and judge you as free spirits can sometimes threaten others and if you love them you will sense their intense struggle. Yet, the truth is, it is only when we begin to completely be ourselves, to align ourselves with our own creativity and free spirit that we will gain true happiness and you will attract the right people into your life.

Be yourself, be free to fully express yourself in every dimension of your life. Be brave enough to live life your way refusing to compromise what you truly want. Its your life.


♥ Ways to be a Free Spirit

♥ Have fun, Be playful and spontaneous, laugh out loud every day

♥ Live fully, breathe deeply, smile

♥ Never stop learning, never stop growing as a person

♥ Inspire and be inspired

♥ Be curious, be grateful

♥ Be present, connect

♥ Give hugs, share your love

♥ Open your mind, expand your heart

♥ Live your passion, be authentic

♥ Celebrate Life, try something new

♥ Dream big, take risks, make mistakes

♥ Create new paths, be an explorer, discover your world.

♥ Shine Brightly


You are a special unique gift to the world exactly as you truly are and once you tap into the free spirit inside of you, you will never be the same again.

Your life will be magical, feel special and you will be amazed at the opportunities that will come your way. Despite all the challenges in life, you can be a Free Spirit and live YOUR life on your terms.


Sarah ♥

2 thoughts on “Are you a Free spirit?

  1. lavender vineyard says:

    Read. I have learned life INA hard way but matters most is that I’m alive, sharing my passion and I’m happy. Thanks and more power.

    • Thanks for your inspiring comment Lavender. I too have learnt the hard way, but life is one big beautiful messy lesson. Great to connect with someone who feels alive and shares a passion for life. <3

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