How Solitude inspires Creativity and is good for the soul

♥ Solitude can heal our soul

For years I have had a love of traveling and discovering new places, I sometimes wonder if I have a little gypsy soul in me as I love to wander, explore, discover and explore and believe that it has helped me in so many ways too. That’s why I’m also planning to have an enjoyable vacation with my family. So blessed I am that I found some best travel options to choose from with this Made in Turkey Tours page here!

I guess every time I have tried to live how people expect me to, I have not felt true to my soul, true to my real purpose and it was only after finding the courage to realize that my life wasn’t how I knew deep down I wanted it to be that I finally had the strength to make things happen and passionately follow my dreams.

September 2013 was the beginning of yet another new adventure and journey in life. I have had to rebuild my life before in my early twenties following a divorce and breakdown in family support, but this was the most painful challenge I have ever faced as it involved my two beautiful children.

This last year or so has been a messy beautiful journey of finding myself again, learning to trust my mind, heart and soul rather then other people. I have some amazing friends that have helped me through everything but the bottom line is, I had to do this myself. I had to face overwhelming fear, complete uncertainty, dealing with two children who needed my emotional and loving support and yet finding the time to work on my own development as a person and emerge into the person I knew I truly wanted to be.

This last year I have been on more solitary adventures than I ever have in my life and through this have met some incredible people, seen some breath taking places and healed in more ways than I could have possibly imagined.

♥ A new chapter of my journey through life began

At the end of the Summer Holidays this year after juggling work and looking after two little ones, I knew without a doubt I needed some real time to myself to focus on where I wanted my life to go, now I had the strength and determination to create the life I desired. This felt different to any other adventure I have had as I knew that finally I felt much happier in myself, worked through so many more life lessons that I needed and felt like I was on the edge of another life defining moment and time in my life.

‘When you come to peace with what has happened in your life and become aware of what is going on in your life, you can move forward with the most powerful intentions to create the life you truly desire’

I booked myself a night away in a gorgeous friendly Bed and Breakfast that I found via Groupon nestled in a lovely village called Chopgate, North Yorkshire, England.

I remember the feeling of excitement as I drove with the music blasting down the beautiful roads towards my destination feeling so relaxed, alive, excited at the thought of time just for me, time to reflect, time to stop, time to discover, time to explore and all of this completely on my own. No one to look after, no-one else to think about, just time exclusively for what was right for me and it felt AMAZING!

♥ Solitude inspires Creativity

Creativity flows in solitude and that evening I couldn’t stop writing and ideas began to flow to me. I had nurtured this dream for years and felt closer than ever this last year to making it happen, yet, that night I realised I now had the strength, determination and desire completely within me to stay focused on making my dreams finally become a reality. My purpose and desire in life is to help support motivate and inspire women to be creative, awaken their adventurous spirit, face fears, follow dreams and really love their life.

‘Travel broadens the mind and expands the soul’  

I had an amazing day exploring the most beautiful countryside on the Saturday. Starting at Helmsley, I explored the ruins of the castle which had breathtaking views

2014-08-30 10.39.342014-08-30 10.51.112014-08-30 10.43.34

From there, I headed to the most beautiful inspiring place I think I have ever been to. I really feel like I was guided to go there as words cannot describe how I felt once I was there. I felt a complete shift in my being, a resilience and internal awareness that this was it, this was the day that would transform how I lived the rest of my life.

This place was incredibly inspiring and I was lost in time possibly for hours here.

The soul always knows what to do to heal

2014-08-30 14.11.13

2014-08-30 14.23.00

♥ Journaling my commitment to myself

During the time I was there, I wrote a commitment to myself and also took a video whilst reading it aloud panning the scenery as I did so which I could keep forever to remind me.

It was a commitment to try to always be consciously aware of my thoughts, feeling, words and actions, to stay completely true to myself, follow my heart and listen to my intuition, to make nourishing myself a priority and to continue to be grateful, feel good and happy. It was also a commitment to staying in the flow, being relaxed, not forcing things to happen and attempting to see everything in life even the challenges as a beautiful lesson. I also wanted to endeavor to let my children feel my loving presence as much as possible and to show them that life can be incredible and amazing and that their dreams are there for a reason and can become a reality.

The final part of my day was spent discovering Rievaulx Terrace which has spectacular views over the Abbey.

2014-08-30 14.54.31

2014-08-30 15.01.52

That weekend will always stay with me, the places I discovered have a truly special place in my heart and just writing about it now brings tears to my eyes. It symbolised so much to me, letting go of past hurts, letting go of expectations and realising that it was completely up to me how my future would develop. If I wanted to create the life I truly desired, I would need to put everything I had read, studied, written over the years and realised into practice and start creating the life I truly desired.

I cannot begin to describe how valuable solitude and creative journaling can be to awaken you to what you truly want in life, to bring you into alignment with your real authentic self, to contribute towards you really loving your life. It really does work, that I know for sure.

If you are feeling like you are not being true to yourself, like you could love YOUR life so much more, like you need time and space to work out what it is you truly want, or even space to just relax, unwind and feel good about YOUR life  then creative journaling and writing could be exactly what you need to do to start realising what your life could be like if you desire and want it enough.

Check out the ‘Creative Inspiration’ section of the website on ways to journal and why it can really help. Always take time out for solitude and  adventures just for you even if its an hours walk discovering somewhere new, I promise…… will make you feel truly alive, puts life into perspective and helps us love the life we own.

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Sarah ♥

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