The art of slowing down and taking time out for your own needs and self care

Are you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted? ♥

It is too easy to feel overwhelmed with life and the constant demands on our time and energy. If we have children, at times, the incessant demands of raising, guiding and helping them through life can feel exhausting. If our children have grown up, we could be looking after Grandchildren and giving of ourselves constantly to family.  It could be that we are striving to keep up with others or chasing happiness though achieving the next goal constantly which leaves us feeling depleted and unfulfilled.

I remember feeling constantly overwhelmed with life a couple of years ago as a single parent to two little ones and running my own business, feeling exhausted and realising that I had to make changes. I began to understand that life was about fun, happiness and laughter. It was about creating memories and enjoying the moment. It was meant to be about loving life as much as possible. Once I started to identify that I needed more balance in my life, I then began to take the necessary steps to change things slowly, one day at a time.

Slow down and take time for self care ♥

The world we live in encourages action, always striving to be better, to do better, to push towards something more.  Its become all about goals. As women all this ‘being’ and ‘doing’ can really affect us. This ‘masculine’ energy which we all have can help move us forward, its the feeling of being strong, dynamic, fearless, alive and adventurous, yet its so essential for our wellbeing that we balance it with the feminine energy of receiving.  As women, we crave quiet times, peace, laughter, fun and play.  We yearn for love, kindness and connection. If we are constantly striving to do and be, we feel exhausted, stressed, angry, resentful, frustrated and unhappy.  Receiving replenishes our soul and is an important part of nourishment to our soul and self.

Giving to ourselves and taking time out for self care, to nourish and nurture our own wellbeing allows our energy levels to be boosted and a feeling of happiness and peace to develop. It is not selfish to start realising that the more we look after our needs, the happier we will become. There is only so long we can keep giving to others without feeling drained if we do not take the time to refill and re-charge.

It is a necessity to love yourself, take

How do I start to self care and nourish and nurture myself? ♥

Taking baby steps towards making time for yourself is the best way. Be kind to yourself in small, everyday ways. Be patient with yourself, it takes time to change our life and habits into more gentle nourishing patterns.

This is one of the many reasons I love journaling, as journaling helps us to connect with our soul essence. Writing our thoughts and feelings down on paper brings a sense of realisation and clarity to us. Could you take a little time out tonight or in the next week, to stop and reflect on the following questions? Could you find a beautiful notebook and start journaling the answers to these.

♥ What do I truly love to do, what makes my soul happy?

♥ How can I bring more of that into my life?

♥ What would help me feel more playful and spontaneous?

♥ How can I bring into my life some quiet times of solitude?


Be honest with yourself and think about the following question:

How well do I nurture myself and how often?

Break down on paper what you currently do for yourself every day, once a week and sometimes. Then work out what you love to do each day, each week and sometimes. Ask yourself – What prevents me from doing this and what can I tell myself instead?.

One step at a time ♥

Self care and nourishing and nurturing ourselves is the most important thing you can do for your own happiness and also to be in the right place to give the best of yourself to the people you love and care about. Be gentle and take it slow, one day at a time. Trust that your authentic life will unfold one day at a time. Don’t rush the process, allow yourself to be gently guided by what you really love.


Just be true to yourself, balance the times we work and give to others with lots of rest, time for you, doing what makes you happy and lots of connecting with like minded people. Be present, be conscious, enjoy each moment of your precious life as much as possible.


Always take time to nurture yourself, its the most important step to loving your life.

Sarah ♥


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