Simplify your way to happiness

♥ Simplify Simplify Simplify

‘He who wants to travel happily, must travel lightly’

One of the most unrecognised secrets to happiness and loving your life is to simplify it as much as possible. Societies expectations seem to demand that we are constantly striving to be the best, to over indulge on everything in life, to fill our lives with continual stimulation. We have more opportunities than ever before to do things and experience things and the temptation to fill our life with as many as we can is often overwhelming. Do we fear that we are missing out, fuelled by hearing and seeing what others are doing, especially via social media?

Instead, learning to slow down and detach ourselves a little from what everyone else is doing and re-focus on what makes YOU feel alive and happy….leads to a much happier life. The truth is that things will only bring happiness to you, if YOU find them meaningful, so select carefully those things you want to invest your time and energy on.

♥ Simplify your home

How does your environment feel at home? Do you feel relaxed and calm? Are there ways you could simplify your home as much as possible?

‘Have nothing in your home that you do not love or believe to be useful’ 

De-clutter, organise and discard anything that does not serve a purpose or that you do not really love. As you begin to surround yourself with a home that is simple, organised and beautiful, you will feel much less stressed and move towards a happier lifestyle.

‘If it doesn’t make you feel fabulous, don’t do it, don’t buy it, don’t keep it’ 


♥ Ways to simplify life

Always ask yourself – ‘Is what I’m doing in life creating more happiness and a relaxed fun environment or am I causing and contributing to stress?’

Simplify your life in lots of little ways. Learn to love life in its most natural raw form as the simple pleasures are the best. Having fun with our children, time with special friends, laughter, exploring our beautiful world, nature, all these things cost little but can give us so much happiness in return.

Collect moments.......not things

♥ The simple things in life

♥ Connect with loved ones

♥ Nurture your health

♥ Get outside, explore nature

♥ Light candles, have a long soak in the bath

♥ Find silence, a few minutes peace each and every day

♥ Give to others and express kindness


New things in life

♥ Transform the ordinary into fun

Even the necessary simple ordinary everyday tasks that we can sometimes see as mundane can be transformed into something you enjoy. By changing our mind set so that we no longer see the mundane tasks as boring and instead see them as occasions we can find happiness. The more ordinary tasks you can transform into something which you enjoy, the more of your life you will spend happy. Combine housework with listening to your favourite music, or cooking meals into learning new recipes or planning your next holiday whilst doing the laundry. Simple things that can turn life into a more pleasurable experience.


Living our life more slowly and simply, enjoying each and every day without rushing to the future is essential. Live in the moment more, be present with whoever you are with. Its taking steps to a more mindful way of living where we can love the simple things in life, yet always have eagerness and excitement for what life will bring us too.

‘It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy that makes happiness’


Sarah ♥

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