The magic of Affirmations

♥  Why Affirmations are magical

Affirmations are magical. They are such a powerful way of replacing the ‘mind monkeys’ or the negative chatterbox that often creates unhappiness and lack of confidence and low self esteem within ourselves. They are a form of positive self talk that transmit the key message to our inner self that we are doing ok and can keep improving every single day. They are strong positive sentences and a positive sentence is 100 times more powerful than a negative one. If we want to change our life for the better, we have to hold different thoughts in our mind, different than the ones that normally occupy our mind. In order to change your beliefs and create a new reality about yourself and your life, you have to bombard your subconscious mind with positive thoughts.

The amazing magic of affirmations is that we don’t even have to necessarily believe what we say to ourselves, just the mere act of saying them over and over again begins to reprogram the negative picture that we sometimes have. It is the repetition of affirmations that leads to the belief, and once the belief becomes a deep conviction things begin to happen.

Just setting aside at least ten minutes a day to practise affirmations can really help. Use them EVERY time you notice negative chatter going on in your head.

Affirmations represent a way of life. It is a means of taking the lowest part of us to the highest…the place of power, purpose and love. Gradually the habit of negative thinking will be replaced by a habit of thinking positively, powerfully, lovingly and peacefully.

Frequent repetition has the power to relax bodies, quiet our minds and allow us to see the brighter side of life.
Not everyone is born with a happy disposition, yet incredibly psychologists say that we can be trained to be happy. What is required is a small change in thinking. Affirmations amazingly will help you change your thinking. That is why Abe Lincoln said “People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.” The wise Wayne Dyer says ‘Most people are searching for happiness outside of themselves. That’s a fundamental mistake. Happiness is something that you are, and it comes from the way that you think’

♥ How can I use affirmations to help me?

Choose affirmations that really resonate with you.
Ask yourself the following questions and then find affirmations either via Pinterest/Google or feel inspired to create your own.

What do you currently feel?
What do you want to feel?
How do I want to be?
What am I willing to change?

Write your affirmations down, get arty and creative with them, have fun and then put them somewhere you will see them every day. Transfer them into a creative journal and realise that by focusing on them daily you can truly begin to change how you feel.

Affirmations definitely will begin to gently change your perspective about yourself, on happiness and life.

Some of my favourite affirmations are –


‘I accept exactly where I am in life and realise every day I have an opportunity for a new beginning. I choose to take it and move forward with my life’

‘Everything I need and want will come to me at the perfect time’

‘I am grateful for everything in my life’

‘My life is truly abundant in all areas’

‘I now feel alive, aware and live with passion and purpose’

‘I am living from the heart and believe I am worthy of all I want’

If it feels strange to say these affirmation in such a positive way, try using a neutral one to start with. For instance, instead of the negative thought ‘I don’t like myself’ we could gently begin to tell ourselves ‘There are aspects of myself I am uncomfortable with and I am learning to like them’, rather than a positive statement of ‘I embrace who I am with all my imperfections’

Or, ‘I don’t know myself’. We could begin to gently say to ourselves ‘I am starting the journey of who I really am’, instead of saying ‘I am …………’

This is a beautiful affirmation to help develop self esteem and confidence:

Affirmation for Self Esteem


 ♥ How the magic of  affirmations has helped me

The magic of affirmations is incredible. They have contributed to helping me turn my life around from feeling stressed and  overwhelmed as a single parent who felt so lost a few years ago and wasn’t sure how to begin to find myself again and discover what I truly wanted in life. Asking myself those questions I mentioned earlier about what I wanted to feel, what I really wanted and what I was willing to change helped me realise how much I had the power to change too. I changed these thoughts/feelings into affirmations and began to say these every day. I had them pinned to my fridge for months so I could see them. Eventually, they have become my way of thinking……..positive thoughts and feelings that now seem like a natural part of who I am. Yet, if I need reminding at any time, I can simply look at my visual list which I adapt every few months. Affirmations and essential daily routines can have a dramatic effect on our lives and lead to inner peace and happiness and a genuine confidence that leads to a love of life knowing that you have the strength to deal with any challenges.

Never forget, the reality of our life is a mirror of our thinking. If we can begin to change our thinking even just a little with the magic of affirmations, isn’t that worth its weight in gold?

Sarah x

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    Hi! It’s great to see this article. Affirmations are truly magical! Thanks for sharing your own story- it made my faith stronger and I’m so sure it has helped many others. More power to you, Sarah! Keep writing, keep inspiring xx

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