Six Ways to Feel Good and bring more happiness into our life

♥ The Importance of Feeling Good

One of the biggest realisations I have had especially after watching the incredible film The Secret and reading the book too, was that FEELING GOOD is essential to changing our life and bringing more of what we want into it. If we feel good, we raise our energy and vibration and when this happens, the universe responds by bringing everything we could ever want into our life. The right people, circumstances and events will happen when we make FEELING GOOD a priority. Its why Rhonda Bryne at the end of the film – writes FEEL GOOD in the sand. If we only remember one thing from that life changing book, it is that.

So, how do we feel good? What are ways we can bring more happiness into our life no matter what our circumstances might be. These are just some little things that can make a big difference over time. If we want our life to change for the better, change must take place first within us.

♥ Try something new or different each day.

Take a risk big or small every day, this can lead to so much more confidence and happiness in life. It doesn’t have to be something crazy, even trying out that new recipe you’ve wanted to try, wearing a different colour or outfit, going somewhere completely new. Outside our comfort zones is truly where the magic happens and asking ourselves each day – What is one little thing today I could do differently sparks our imagination and helps us face fears and motivates us to try new things.

comfort zone

♥ Make a ‘Happy’ Box

Create a ‘Happy’ box and fill it with pictures, cards and memorabilia of all your happy times in life. Those times when you have faced fears, and done things you are proud of and achieved things that are important to you. Whenever you are feeling down, or begin to criticise yourself, get that box out and remember how amazing you are and the potential you have inside of you.


♥ Release your inner child

What did you love to do as a child? What made you happy, what made you feel good? Make sure you bring a little of this back into your life. As a child, life felt magical, happy and fun and over time as we get older , we lose that feeling of magic. This golden thread can still be there in our life, rediscover it before the joy of living unravels.


Mindfulness and  Meditation

Becoming more aware of what is happening right now and enjoying the moment helps us feel good. Start tuning into your breathing and your thoughts. Be mindful of everything around you and focus on your five senses and all the sensations involved.  Take time to watch sunsets, take time to breath, take time to slow down, to enjoy nature, to feel and enjoy peace and quiet.

Meditation reduces stress and anxiety, helps us sleep better, gives us more focus and clarity and improves health, well being and happiness.


♥ There is more happiness in giving than receiving

Create secret missions each week as to ways you can put a smile on someone else’s face.  When we show kindness to others even in little ways, it can really help us feel good. Show people you love and care about how much you love them, with a card, a flower, a little gift.

Putting a smile on the face of random strangers is a great thing to do too. Smile at everyone, leave little notes of inspiration on car windscreens, in library books when you return them, or in hotel rooms when you are leaving. It makes you smile when you are thinking of making someone else smile 🙂


♥ Feel Good in nature

Nature is a powerful healer and spending time enjoying beautiful sunsets, being at the beach, being on the top of mountain and looking at the amazing view can transform how we feel. Even a short walk every day, can change our perception on things and help put things into perspective.  Find a place where you can breathe, relax and tune into YOU at. My place is the beach. It helps me feel good and I make it a habit to go each week at some point to help restore my energy levels and work through anything that maybe is going on in my life at that time.


These are just little ways that we can focus on feeling good and even taking one and making it our focus for the next month and introducing one at a time will make a huge difference over time. Its really worth committing to doing things that make us feel good when the benefits are a real increase in our confidence and happiness.

Love and happiness

Sarah ♥


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