Clarity for making 2016 YOUR Year of change

Your year of change:

January is the month of new beginnings and beautiful memories waiting to be created. Its the month which is full of promise for the new year ahead. Its is a time to reflect on our life lessons from the previous year, celebrate our accomplishments and also the month to dream and gain clarity on lessons learnt and look forward to the year ahead and discover more about ourselves and develop and grow as a person.

Reflecting on our life journey over the past year helps us to move forward. It is only by recognising the gifts, lessons, challenges and blessings from the past year that we can feel peace and clarity about what we have learnt, what we can let go of and how we can move forward to be the best of who we are as a person.

Questions to ask yourself about this past year 2015:

What are my biggest accomplishments this year?

What are my biggest lessons I have learnt this year?

How have I grown and developed as a person this last year?

What is one thing I am really proud of this year?

What really worked for me and what didn’t?

As we begin to accept the journey and gain clarity on the journey we have already made, we start to realise we have so much potential and strength already within us to move forward to create our life exactly as we want it to be. Keep believing you have all the passion, intelligence, creativity, wisdom, clarity and depth to find your centre of strength and peace and keep taking steps to the dreams that are yours.



Questions to reflect on for this New Year – gaining clarity on following dreams

What will I do more of and what will I do less of this next year?

Who do I really want to become?

What do I want to create?

What do I want to learn?

What do I need to let go of, forgive and move on from?

What new habits do I want to cultivate?

What will be my immediate next steps to cultivate these?

What are my biggest goals and dreams for this next year?

What step by step process each month and each day will help me achieve these?


Clarity is where it all begins...........

Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed with all the goals we have and what we want to achieve but one thing I have realised is that it all starts with clarity. As we gain clarity on who we are, what we want and how we can move forward, life begins to change. We have to ask these essential questions if we truly want to live our best lives.

As a coach, I often use the ‘Be, Do and Have’ exercise which encourages us to only focus on the goals and dreams that will contribute the most to our life overall. Using a Life coaching wheel like one below, clarify what goals you have in all areas of your life and then decide from 1-10 how much impact it would have in your life. When we score six or above for a particular goal, it implies that it will contribute greatly to our overall happiness and the life we lead. These goals are the ones to start with and really focus on as we will have more motivation to continue with them. I am happy to discuss this exercise with anyone who wants clarity. Please email me at – and we can arrange a Skype call to discuss.

coaching wheel

Note – The best way to create real positive change is to start with the BE, as you begin to change within, the ‘do’ and ‘have’ follow more easily.

Writing, reflecting and journaling helps us gain clarity on our lives and change within. It forces us to resolve issues in our hearts that we might be avoiding, yet if we want to truly love our life and live a happy, creative, joyous, fulfilling life we need to ask ourselves these questions. This time of year is the perfect time to reflect so we can start a new year excited about the future we can create for ourselves.

Make 2016 your new year, the year you believe in your promises to yourself and your dreams. The year you begin to discover who you really are, what you really love and what you really want.

I am running a seven day CLARITY challenge starting New Years Day. Want to sign up for access to a free seven day course to help you understand what is holding you back, how to get more balance in life, how your mindset changes everything, developing good habits and setting real intentions that you can keep too?

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Together, lets make 2016 the year you gain clarity, courage and confidence to follow your dreams.

Sarah ♥

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