Confidence to love you and your life’ Day retreat – Saturday 27th August

CONFIDENCE to love you and your life

Would you love to feel confident in who you, what you want and how to create a life you love? Do you need the confidence to address balance and create boundaries in your life?



Confidence to love you and your life

This day retreat will give you the confidence to take back control of your own life and understand how to set clear boundaries with everyone in your life and stop the people pleasing.  You will learn how to balance all aspects of your life and also start to become clear on what you like in each aspect too.

What it will do for you:

Develop real inner confidence in all aspects of your life

Build on essential daily routines/rituals/ habits to keep you feeling balanced and stress free

Begin the process of letting go of past hurts, forgiving and moving on

Setting boundaries and taking control back of your life

Build a deep loving relationship with self.

How to stop worrying and learn to trust the journey more

Start to overcome and face fears and remove self doubt

Empowering self to stay strong and confident through any challenges

Bringing peace, harmony and order into your life


Some of the Testimonials from previous attendees:

‘This retreat is so special. I felt mixed up before and now feel focused and positive. The mirror work was my favourite part as got right down inside you. Feeling so much more confident now about my life. Thank you’

‘I felt apathetic before and now feel focused and have my mojo back. Ive realised I am able to do whatever I want if I set my mind to it and I have a choice as to who I surround myself with, Mirror work and bonfire exercise were fab, helped me develop more confidence, face fears and understand myself’

‘Loved the whole day, especially the reminder of self care and daily rituals. Eye opening day and enjoyed understanding myself more despite it being hard at times. Feeling more confident and also excited about falling in love with my inner self’

‘Today was just what I needed, it showed me how far Ive come and how far I have to go. My favourite part was the mirror work as felt proud I did it. I have realised even more about myself and am feeling confident and fantastic now! The benefits of these retreats are amazing and long-lasting’


Held at my home in Durham in a welcoming soul nurturing environment, your day includes warm homemade muffins on arrival with a hot drink, delicious homemade vegetarian lunch, homemade cake in the afternoon , refreshments and your own beautiful workbook.

£85 to attend. Invest in YOU and change your life forever.
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