The magic of reconnecting back to the little girl within you

The first step to clarity – reconnecting back to the little girl within you

The first step to clarity, before we even begin to look how life is currently for us now and what we want to change and to develop the confidence and courage to go for our dreams is getting a real sense of who we were before life began to affect us by reconnecting back to the little girl within you. Do you wish to go back to those innocent days whenever you browse this site? Do you feel like starting it all over again?

As we grow up, we are like sponges absorbing information, opinions, attitudes, behaviours of our parents, religion, society and we slowly lose a real sense of who we truly are, as we become molded by our environment. We often build up protective layers around us due to pain, heartbreak, missed opportunities or perceived mistakes. Peeling these layers back, helps you identify who you truly are.

Zen to Zany sums it up so well with this beautiful quote and picture:

The little girl within us

I often think its the starting point for everything. We can sometimes feel we have lost a true sense of who we are and what we want, especially if we have a tendency to people please and avoid conflict in any way. Yet, even when we feel we have a real sense of who we are and where we are going in life, reconnecting back to our inner child is a magical way of bringing more happiness and fun into our life. It allows us to relax into life more, nurture our creativity, slow down and enjoy the fun little things in life.

When we look at children playing, they dream, they create, they imagine. As parents, we often are so focused on encouraging this within our children……but what about you too?

your inner child

That little girl still lives within you, she remembers your dreams, your wisdom, your excitement of the magic of life. That little girl within you holds the key to living a full, happy rich life and letting her out to play encourages you to always remember that she is still part of you. This essence, spirit within you never ages, it is there waiting for you to remember.

little-girl within - clarity

Imagine yourself around the age of seven years old. Find a picture and journal about the following questions:


Journal Questions for reconnecting back to your inner child

What do you remember about her?

What did she enjoy doing, where did she play, what did she do for fun?

How would you treat her, love her and nurture her?

I am sure that like me, you would protect her fiercely, whilst giving her all the space she needed to develop into a beautiful woman in every sense of the word. I am convinced you would love her with every inch of your body and give her time to nurture her creativity, independence. She would be given nourishing food, amazing fun adventures and if anyone hurt her or upset her, you would gently give her reassurance and care and the perspective to understand that when people hurt us, its usually because they are hurting within. I have no doubts you would develop her confidence and courage every single day to follow her heart and go for her dreams as you know she deserves everything she wants in life and should never ever settle for anything else.  Why do we as women, struggle to give the same love to ourselves? This is why, nurturing and reconnecting back to the child within can be the start of something pretty special.

‘Your beautiful life’ says it so beautifully with a quote from Kiana Llanos

reconnecting back to the little girl within us - clarity

Who are you really? Underneath your identity as a mother, a wife, a business owner, your work………this is the real work. Rediscovering who we truly are and unlearning anything that disconnects us from living that way.


This was something I did several years ago and it felt like it was the start of real clarity on rediscovering who I was, what I truly loved. Journaling about everything I truly loved as a child helped me begin to understand what I was yearning for and that the answers are always within ourselves.

I now keep a framed picture of myself as a seven year old in my living room as a reminder to myself to nurture me, to look after and love me and to make sure I get lots of self care, attention and soul nourishment.

Ask yourself that question – Who was I before the world told me who I should be?


The next step, is unlearning all these limiting conditioned thoughts and behaviours that we have picked up along the way.

Only then can we begin that journey of real clarity towards following our dreams and heart.

Find that little girl within you, find her, nurture her every day……she will lead you back to your true self.

Sarah ♥

(Disclaimer – Please note if there was any significant traumas as a child, this work of peeling back and reconnecting is best done with a counsellor, not with a Coach or on your own )

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