Self Awareness – a secret to a meaningful happy life

How self awareness is the beginning of everything:

Do you ever feel that there is more to your life than how it currently is? Do you long for a life that you truly love and wonder whats happened to all the dreams and wishes you had growing up and feel like you’ve lost yourself somehow along the way?

The start of our journey to finding real meaning to life, our authentic self and following our heart begins with self awareness. It is becoming aware of who we are, and what our current thought patterns are.

We have to begin to explore our current thought patterns, beliefs and values and realise in what way they might be holding us back from living life how we want too, and having the confidence to follow our dreams. self awareness - your journey to authentic self

Challenges in life can cause us to feel lost, confused, struggle and have low self esteem. We can end up wondering is this it? Is this all there is to life? Yet, this is the beginning of real clarity……beginning to question whether our lives are really on purpose and are we as happy as we know we could be and also worthy of. As we begin the that journey of looking within for the answers instead of looking outside us for happiness, we begin to truly understand ourselves and gently transform our lives. Our soul is always the central point. If we sort out what is going in within, we begin to understand whats happening on the outside…..reflecting back within our own life. It is vital to be aware of our thought patterns as we attract what we think about most. We create our reality in life with our thoughts. If we say, ‘Life is hard’, the evidence around us will be exactly that. Journal Questions: What are my negative thoughts on a day to day basis? What are the recurring patterns of thoughts and beliefs that cross my mind? As you begin to write these thoughts down, you begin to become self aware…….you begin to realise that these thoughts are only thoughts…..they are not YOU. Whatever problem is created by the mind, can also be solved by the mind too. Being aware of exactly what impact our thoughts and beliefs have in our life is summed up by Lao Tzu.


. Clarity - self awareness

We have to learn to become aware of our thoughts and realise how much this affects our behaviour, which in turn becomes a habit, eventually our character and leads to our destiny. This was a powerful wake up call for me, realising that if I didn’t start becoming truly aware of old thoughts patterns and beliefs……my habits would never change and I would end up living a life that didn’t truly resonate who I wanted to be. Asking ourselves questions such as: Who am I? What do I really want? What do I think is stopping me? Where am I right now in relation to what I truly want? If we are at the start of this journey, sometimes we don’t even know what we want, we just know there must be something more than life how it currently is.

A  Coach can help you rediscover YOU…….who you are what you really want and a step by step process of empowering you to understand what you need to do to move towards it too developing the confidence and courage to go for it.

Top Tips for Clarity and Self Awareness:

1. This week, carry a little notebook around with you and note any recurring negative thoughts and belief that cross your mind. Just become aware of what thoughts are holding you back. Ask yourself – What prompted the thought, what emotions related to it and how the instances might relate to each other. Try and start the habit of noticing your thoughts and trying to replace these with empowering thoughts and beliefs as these will filter into your subconscious mind and you can literally reprogram your brain with new thoughts and beliefs with persistence and patience.  A link to a blog I did on replacing negative thoughts with positive affirmations is below; Magic of affirmations

2. Start ‘Morning Pages’ – These are two or three pages of blurb, all the ‘mind monkey messages’ that you are carrying in your head……just anything that you are currently thinking about.  As you write them down, you will feel your mind ease more. Journaling literally has the power to begin to change your thoughts.  I will be writing a blog on Morning Pages and all the benefits in the next week or so. Changing our thoughts changes our life. Be patient with yourself, one day at a time. Be willing to unlearn old thoughts and beliefs that are not encouraging, positive and encouraging.

. self awareness self awareness


As we become aware of old thoughts and habits, we then can start the process of identifying what our core values truly are and how we truly want to live life. Each one of us deserves to be really happy and have a meaningful life following our heart and dreams, and this all starts with the clarity of understanding who we are now and how we want things to change.  Exploring our core values will be another ‘Dare to Dream’ Truth blog very soon x

Sarah ♥

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