Courage to awaken the woman within – Saturday 18th June

♥ Courage to awaken the woman within

This day retreat focuses on how to live from heart and spirit connected to your highest wisest self and motivated by a strong sense of inner confidence, self belief and love. There is a real emphasis on self empowerment, facing fears, getting extra clarity, courage and confidence and trusting implicitly in the magic within yourself and the universe to show you every step of the way by tuning into your intuition. It takes courage to truly awaken to the essence of the woman with you and show up authentic, real and free to be your unique self. This day retreat will show you how.


Throughout the day, you will:

♥ Let go of those fears that have stopped you moving forward and develop true courage.

♥ Realise how everything in your life has happened for a reason and what wisdom you gain from everything you have been through

♥ Get real clarity on your own dreams ad create your purpose, your big why which will keep you motivated

♥ Learn how to eliminate procrastination and develop life long habits of motivation, prioritising and focus.

♥ Learn how to go beyond ‘ego’ and live from heart and spirit

♥ Give up perfectionistic tendencies and just let things unfold naturally.

♥ Surrender – the balance of doing and not doing – following intuition/inspiration and creating balance and harmony within your life

♥ Understand and implement the magic of intention setting in your life

♥ Confidently and courageously live in flow everyday and shine as YOU!



Held in my home west of Durham, England on Saturday 18th June

You will also receive ongoing support from myself as a Confidence Coach and a group of supportive women in a closed Facebook group after the day retreat too.

Sarah ♥

(Please note if you do not live in the current area, I can arrange a Skype coaching session/workbook and a series of videos for you so you can have your own day retreat within the comfort of your own home – Please contact me on 07977 484767 or email lovelivinglife@sarahseed for more details)

Testimonial from this day retreat include:

‘I feel so excited and am anticipating a wonderful future. I never dared to plan or dream until doing these retreats. Ive got real clarity and focus now and cant wait to put into action facing my fears and going for it’

‘I feel so much more focused, working on my soul statement was so enlightening. I feel I now have all the tools I need to shine as me’

‘Each day retreat has helped me learn so much about myself. Being around like minded women has been so helpful. This has helped me gain real clarity about my own path through life and now have clear plans and ideas for the future’

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