8 Steps to Out Talk your Negativity

If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place.

Out talk your negativity and watch your life begin to change.

If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place

Our world is a reflection of our thoughts. If we begin to improve our thoughts, we naturally will begin to improve our life. Its scientifically proven that our thoughts and feelings are energy which in turn attracts life experiences which mirror and reflect back the content of our thoughts and feelings back to us.

We have to learn to be careful and be disciplined to think, feel and sense the things we choose to bring into our lives. If we focus on positive thinking about good things, you will attract these. If we focus on unhappiness, stress and lack…..we naturally attract more of the same.


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How can I out-talk the negative thinking?

Focus only on what you want. Always focus on the solution and not the problem. If you want a positive happy life, begin to fill your mind with positive happy things. Just concentrate on happy thoughts, without worrying about the negative thoughts/feelings and overtime the positive will take over. Its a little like a muscle that needs strengthening constantly. Our negative muscle is so strong as we are surrounded by negative thinking, in society and via media, sometimes even the friends we have chosen or family that we have.

Begin to focus on cultivating your positive muscle with these 8 Steps.

♥ Surround yourself with positive quotes and affirmations that challenge your current belief system and thoughts. Have these in your home, in your bedroom, on your phone, wherever you will see them every day as a constant reminder as to how you want to think and feel.

♥ Begin your morning in a happy positive frame of mind, take time to think of things you are grateful for. Breathe deeply and be mindful of how you start your day. Listen to music or a positive podcast or youtube video to start your morning in the right way for you.

♥ Repeat your specific affirmations throughout the day. Set them as an alarm on your phone. Laminate them and leave them in your car. Put them everywhere you can see them. These could include things like – ‘I am beginning to see life as an adventure’. ‘I choose to take responsibility for my own life’ ‘I am in the process of making positive changes’ ‘I choose to be kind to myself’ ‘I am becoming more confident each day’

This is a link to my Affirmations board if you would like more inspiration and ideas – https://uk.pinterest.com/sarahseed3/affirmations/

♥ Keep a gratitude journal of everything you are grateful for and the reason why. Here is a link to a video I’ve done on how gratitude can change your life. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFSOYYtnNFI

♥ Before going to sleep, listen to a guided meditation or read an inspiring book.

♥ Limit time on social media and ditch the negativity! Fill your newsfeed with positive inspiring people.

♥ Connect with like minded people who are developing and improving themselves and their lives

♥ Journal your current thoughts and feelings. As you do this the more you want to break down negative thoughts and you begin to desire to change.

Your life will begin to change as you commit to this way of life. You cannot change what is going on around you, until you challenge what is going on within you.  Self love and real happiness required that we challenge any negative thought patterns and beliefs and undertake new practices that reflect your self worth.

It won’t happen overnight, but those little steps each day lead to a big transformation over time. You will begin to have more energy, you will laugh more, your will love more and you will begin to attract that you wish for into your life in abundance.  These positive steps begin to change your subconscious mind and reprogram your brain.

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Go easy on yourself, learn to enjoy the journey and honour the space between now and not yet. Be mindful of any negative thoughts and feelings always and tune into what it might be telling you that you need to give yourself. This is self love, asking ourselves every day – What is it I need today?. Self love is making your physical, mental and emotional health your priority.



Sarah ♥

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