The number one fear you have to let go of to follow your dreams!

Do you know what holds most people back from following their dreams?

The greatest fear we have is what people will think. It stops people ending unhappy relationships, it stops people following their heart, it stops people putting themselves out there in their work, it limits our potential to share our passion in so many ways. Perhaps the greatest thing it can rob us of is staying true to what we intuitively know is right for us in our heart and soul.

Ask yourself – What would your life look like if you could release your deep rooted fear of what others thought?  How would it feel to live from your truth each and every day?

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This takes courage to do so, yet this is where wholehearted living and deep inner confidence and happiness resides.

Ive been there, over the years Ive had to face making really tough choices and decisions where I knew I would be disappointing people, even at times causing heartache. I’ve been criticised and judged for my decisions in life, yet despite all the challenges I knew that to make the choices Ive made has meant the freedom to be who I truly am and stay true to what my intuition has told me to do. Its ultimately led to unshakable confidence in myself and inner happiness.

Its that voice, that incessant voice that tells you – What if? ………………………… We often know deep down when something in our life just doesn’t feel right yet we so often decide to stay safe in our comfort zones even when at times we really dont want to be there. Its easier to be unhappy in a situation than to challenge it and risk the unknown. Its human nature, inbuilt fear or flight in our conscious minds. Our minds can convince us its best to do this, yet outside our comfort zone is where the magic happen.


If I had one message in my life to share it would be to brave with your life and to face your fear of what others might think. Its not a dress rehearsal and other people are not living your life. Only YOU know what feels right for you and caring about what other people think could rob you of all the joy and happiness you deserve.

Ancient Tao wisdom says –

[Tweet “Care about others peoples approval and you will always be their prisoner”]

If we worry about what others think, we will never be truly happy. The more you rediscover who you are and what you truly want, the braver you have to get with life. Yet, its only by stretching and growing, learning and evolving that we can ever hope to reach the confidence and freedom that comes with caring less about others peoples approval and more about staying true to what is deep in our own heart and soul. You deserve that kind of true happiness which comes from staying true to your core values and authentic self.

Sarah ♥

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