‘Clarity to Find the woman within’ – Saturday October 22nd

‘Clarity to Find the woman within Day Retreat’

Are you struggling with confidence and belief in yourself? How comfortable are you being your unique self and how worthy do you feel of happiness and success? Do you know deep down you could be living life more confidently, feeling happier and facing any fears you have but need clarity on where to start?

Does the following sound like how you feel?

Unhappy or negative recurring thoughts

Lack of motivation and confidence

Wondering who you have become.

Comparing yourself to others and worrying what others think

Want to move on with life and let go of past hurts

Anxious about your future

This day is designed to begin the journey of self discovery to the woman within you that might feel a little lost, stuck or overwhelmed with life. It will give you real clarity, help you identify your limiting thoughts and beliefs, begin to develop real confidence, rediscover what makes you feel alive and happy and give you back more balance into your life.


What the CLARITY to find the woman within day retreat will do for you:

Begin to understand universal laws and how emotions, thoughts can change reality and how you can take control back of your life
Start to change attitudes and beliefs that might be holding you back
Begin to build strong self esteem and confidence
Discover self love and begin the process of rediscivering your authentic self.
Learn from past ‘percieved” mistakes and take complete responsibility for life
Start the process of removing doubt/fear
Learn golden rules and life changing routines to keep you centered.

Using creative, visual and soul searching techniques you will begin to feel connected with your intuition and you will leave feeling energised, inspired and confident about moving forward with life.

Sarah ♥

Feedback from previous retreats –
‘I was feeling lost and down about myself, now I feel determined and know what I am going to do, thank you Sarah for inspiring me to be the best me’

‘This day was way beyond my expectations, I feel not only confident but empowered to change’

‘I felt anxious, weepy and down before the retreat, I now feel happy, calm, centred and have a much better understanding of myself’

‘Today was life changing, everything I have learnt will stay with me for the rest of my life’

‘I recommend this day to others, it’s helped me realise I have the tools within me to be more confident, take risks and overcome fear of failure’

‘I felt low before I came to the retreat and now feel inspired and confident. I’ve realised I’m stronger than I thought and I have the tools to keep me confident and happy’

‘I would really recommend this retreat to enable other women to become empowered to have the life they want. I’ve realised I can create my own destiny. I am excited about life now’

‘Would recommend this to any woman who lacks confidence in themselves and who rely on others for happiness. It’s given me the tools and knowledge to manage dips in confidence and low feelings. I’ve realised things about myself I wasn’t aware of and am feeling positive about making changes’

Contact Sarah on 07977 484767 or email sarah@sarahseed.com to book or click the link below –

Held at my home in Durham in a welcoming soul nurturing environment, your day includes warm homemade muffins on arrival with a hot drink, delicious homemade vegetarian food and your own beautiful workbook.

£85 to attend – Invest in YOU and change your life forever.

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There are three parts to this program – ‘Awaken the woman within’ day retreats:

Clarity to find the woman within
Confidence to love the woman within
Courage to be the woman within

These are on a month by month rolling basis, event dates are posted regularly on facebook and my website – www.sarahseed.com



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