How the journey of self discovery will change your life

The journey of self discovery

There are times in life we can feel like we have lost ourselves, a true sense of who we are and this is especially true when we suffer a real heart breaking setback such as a divorce, split or anything that makes our ‘safe and secure’  world as we see it fall apart. It could be when things in life that we thought ‘should’ make us happy, dont.

What if there was a different way? What if by really discovering who you were and what you truly wanted and giving to yourself first, you could lovingly, happily and generously continually give to others and give you the tools to be truly happy and confident to deal with anything life throws your way?

I struggled to understand this concept for years and found it hard to believe that maybe my priority should be myself rather than everything else. It was only when circumstances forced me to realise that if I didn’t start nurturing and giving to myself, life would be stressful and unhappy for me and my children, I knew without a doubt things had to change.

When I became a single parent to my little ones, I realised that this ‘journey within’ was crucial as the happier I became, the happier our home would be and I would be teaching my little ones, especially my beautiful daughter a powerful message that real strength comes within no matter what challenges happen and self love and self discovery is the key to inner confidence and happiness. What we are looking for is always within ourselves.

You often feel this calling to take this journey on a energetic level which is so hard to put into words. Its an inner knowing, call it your intuition or your soul with a inner message that only you can hear and understand.

As we begin to awaken it can often feel painful. Its not an easy or enjoyable process at times. You begin to see things for what they are, everything seems so different. The most difficult lesson in the world is getting to know yourself……yet it also the most precious gift you can give yourself too.

For me, spirituality has never been about anything woo woo, its about connecting to our highest, wisest and kindest self. Its about the connection with our soul. Its the journey that begins on the path within.

Its about facing who we are and all our emotions, and pain. Its about not running from it, not burying it, or choosing to ignore it. Instead, facing it, feeling it and healing it.
Its about allowing yourself to feel all your emotions, not shutting them off when things get tough. If you are struggling, accept it . Feel the emotions and act accordingly.  Our feelings are always a clear message that teaches us with alarming clarity what is keeping us stuck, what is holding us back. Its often our deepest pain that helps our growth into our highest self.

our wounds often open the most beautiful part of us

As we awaken we begin to take personal responsibility for our own thoughts, feelings and actions. A wise friend once said to me…..’The universe has shaken you to awaken you’ I now believe with all my heart this was true. Despite the times of heartbreak and struggle, I know without a doubt that this led me on my own journey of self discovery and awakening to who I really was, not what others expected me to be or what the world told me I should be. Difficult roads often lead to the most beautiful destinations, so remember always that the universe has your back and in every single struggle, there is a beautiful gift and lesson to learn to.

We have to rethink the idea of who we are, we have to begin to understand who we are at the deepest level. Self discovery is all about shedding old ways and beliefs that no longer grow us or make us happy. Its about letting go of who you imagine yourself to be and understanding who you really are under all the conditioned thoughts and beliefs.

Its a process which cannot be hurried, it takes clarity, confidence and courage to awaken to the woman within, and its the only way we remove protective layers around us and begin to connect to the authentic self.


As our layers fade, we are left with the core essence of who we are meant to be.  Within us all, is the potential to rise above any struggle and transform into the brightest and strongest version of yourself, but you have to be willing to do it.

As Carl Jung says ‘Your vision will only become clear when you look into your heart. If we look outside, we dream. If we look inside, we awaken.

If you would love to connect with other like minded souls and be coached, guided and supported through this process, Im here to help you.

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Sarah ♥

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