How your feelings can give you true clarity in your life

Do you honour all your feelings?

Honouring our feelings at all times is so essential. We often try to numb out or ignore them but yet its only when we begin the journey of understanding ourselves and all our emotions that we can truly know ourselves, and knowing ourselves is the beginning of all wisdom.

Our pain, our overwhelm, our sense of confusion, any feeling that we consider negative are always our most powerful messengers. It takes courage to accept them, confidence to listen to them and yet when we do, we can begin to understand what is holding us back.
One of the most important lessons I have learnt is that when I am ready to truly feel an emotion, rather than numb the feeling, I become ready to heal it. You can then accept a feeling, honour it and let the feeling move through you. If you fight the feeling or try and ignore or numb it out…..the pain lasts and we never truly move through it.

All a feeling wants is to relax and tell its story. No matter what it is, learning to listen to what is behind the feeling is essential.



One of the greatest lessons as women we can learn is that we always hold everything we need within ourselves, we just at times need to learn to listen to our intuition and feel our way through life.

Ways to honour your feelings and move through your emotions

Journaling can help……the art of self reflection can move us forward so much.

Ask yourself:

Why am I feeling this way? Why am I reacting this way to this challenge, situation or issue? What am I not giving myself currently which is causing me to feel off balance and make me feel this emotion?

The important part is learning to do this with self love. Not beating ourselves up, not criticising ourself in any way but gently understanding what belief or fear might be behind how we are feeling and then what we can do to FEEL different and making steps each day to consciously choose to feel differently. This is true self awareness and leads to deep self acceptance.
[Tweet “The one thing we can control is how we treat ourselves and that one thing can change everything”

There are many ways to move though a negative feeling. Yet, the most important thing to do is accept it, invite it in, ask it to come somewhere nicer. Be gentle with it and with yourself.  Little things can help, listening to some beautiful music, walking in nature, sitting in silence, nourishing your soul in a way that feels good to you. Just taking that moment to consciously make the choice to FEEL differently can truly help you shift the feeling overtime.

If you consciously make the decision to weave soul nourishment into your life on daily basis, you will naturally move quickly from perceived negative feelings into feeling more at peace. I love an Abraham Hicks quote I read that said – ‘Let your dominant intent be to feel good, and if you dont feel good, then let your dominant intent be to feel relief’

Those days that you feel low, or lonely or lost…..make time for you more than ever. Relax into how you feel, slow down and know that with each experience you face you are being strengthened into the wise authentic strong woman you were born to be.

A big step towards change and developing into our wisest selves is truly honouring how we currently feel. It is only though loving self awareness with ourselves that we allow the space to grow and learn. If we criticise ourselves, the lesson is never learnt and the pattern will keep returning creating a resistance to change and a feeling that we can never move forward.


Being content each day with those little steps to move us through negative feelings will make such a difference. As we honour all of our feelings, we naturally will move to higher vibrational emotions which is where we can begin to attract the same back into our life.

If you would like more clarity on how to move through the emotional scale to a place we feel hope, enthusiasm, positivity, passion, joy love, appreciation and more, one hour of a powerful life changing coaching session can help with this. –

Tune into your feelings, become conscious of what the message is behind them and feed your mind and heart daily with hope, truth and love and you will blossom.

Sarah ♥




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