‘Awaken your potential’ Day Retreat – Saturday June 10th

‘Awaken your potential’ – Day Retreat

Throughout this special soul nurturing day we will be exploring your current mindset, your thoughts and core beliefs that might be holding you back and keeping you stuck, and then through a beautifully creative process will help you create empowering beliefs that will help you move towards everything you desire in life.
Togther we will be designing an empowering soul centered personalised soul map and set of intentions to live by despite any current challenges you may be facing.

You will learn how to connect deeply to your heart and soul and align yourself with what you desire to FEEL focusing on the solutions which attracts what you want.

Core beliefs we will be challenging will be around self image, love, money, family life and so much more. This is a bespoke creative process that I use with clients and myself to consciously keep centred, connected and balanced in life and to manifest our hearts desires too.

Held at the beautiful Whitworth Hall Hotel, County Durham, this will be a day which will transform your thinking forever and give you a the tools to consciously stay centred, connected and balanced in life.

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The cost to attend this transformative day is £110 and includes all creative materials, refreshments and food throughout the day including lunch.

10am start and will run till approximately 5pm

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