About Sarah

Do you get that feeling of restlessness….that there is something more?

Do you ask yourself ….. whose life am I living…..is this what I really want?

Do you feel stuck, confused and at times overwhelmed and disconnected from your energy and vitality?

Do you seek real happiness, confidence, and success in all areas of life?

You deserve everything you could wish for…..and what I now know after years of feeling the above is that when we begin to understand ourselves deeply and demand more from ourselves by asking – Am I living my truth, am I actualising my real potential, am I living an inspired life?…we begin to awaken the woman within and our life can be transformed.

You can live a life full of confidence, high self esteem and self belief. A vibrant, joyful happy life. I can help you activate the necessary fire within your soul to take you to the next level in life.

Through my life changing program  ‘Awaken the woman within’, you will receive a step by step process of living a consciously designed life which will feel truly magical and meaningful…….full of exciting and un-limiting possibilities and fully awaken the woman within to feel balanced, connected and nourished.

My life story is here to help YOU

I am a solo Mum to two little ones who truly believes in the magic of life and am passionate about empowering women on their own journey of self discovery and to and develop strong self confidence and belief in yourself.

My own journey has been so scary at times, rediscovering and finding the woman within, then having to develop real confidence and courage to follow my heart, divorce, ending long term relationship, cutting off energy vampires, changing thoughts and perceptions on life, setting boundaries, developing confidence in my own gifts and talents, learning to like myself and then fall in love with myself so that self nurture and self care became a real priority.

Each time I have stepped out of a comfort zone in any area of my life its been challenging but the magic then happens. My life is unrecognisable now from years ago where I felt at times in a vicious circle of wanting to move forward but not sure how, of expecting too much from others, instead of developing self reliance, of feeling paralysed with fear and not knowing how to overcome it.

Its fear and self doubt that stops us leading our best life and awakening to our true potential, and once you’ve worked out how to use fear as your fuel to drive you forward and develop real confidence and clarity in yourself life changes so much.

I want to share these secrets on how to gain real clarity on who you are and what you want and the path of least resistance to get there, develop unshakable confidence in YOU and deep self love, and ultimately the courage to be the woman you are born to be, to have the energy and passion to follow your dreams knowing without a doubt that the universe will help you every step of the way.

Regardless of how you currently are feeling, I can promise that once we work on any inner demons, thoughts, beliefs, fears, insecurities, doubts that hold you back, only then do you have the energy, confidence, clarity and courage to awaken the woman fully within and create a life you love and follow those dreams.

Transformation only happens when we decide to transform ourselves, and its the most beautiful magical journey despite the challenges.

Begin your self discovery journey to clarity, confidence and courage to awaken the woman within by checking out the options on the homepage.



‘The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the one with yourself’

Sarah ♥