Awaken the Woman Within Retreat

‘Awaken the Woman Within’ Retreat –


From lost, frustrated and seeking something more

to clear, confident and courageous!


  • You feel like you’ve lost a true sense of who you are maybe questioning – is this what I really want? Is this it?
  • You maybe feel restless….that there is something more, like something is missing…..a piece of the jigsaw but your aren’t sure what.
  • You always feel like you SHOULD be doing and being more than what you are, constantly putting more pressure upon yourself?
  • You are stuck in a cycle of low self esteem, lack of confidence or are critical of yourself constantly even to the point of really not liking yourself or even hating yourself.
  • You often feel overwhelmed with life, struggle with constantly giving of yourself to others, leaving you feeling exhausted and resentful?
  • You feel guilty of perceived mistakes you feel you’ve made and struggle to let go of hurt, pain and disappointments?
  • You feel trapped constantly people pleasing and putting everyone else before yourself, at the expense your own joy and happiness
  • You overthink and worry about things far too much and maybe are faced with some big choices and decisions which leave you feeling fearful and frightened of the unknown.
  • You could feel like you are have no power in your life, asking yourself – Why me, what have I done to deserve this?
  • You feel frustrated with yourself for some of your choices and habits but feel its too challenging and scary to change?
  • You feel you often wear a mask for others, hiding your true feelings and your real self which leaves you feeling lonely.
  • You don’t ever feel enough as a mum, a lover, a friend, a business woman, constantly comparing yourself to others?

Yes this is how I’m feeling….so what’s the answer?

‘The first step to getting anywhere is deciding you are not willing to stay where you are’

All the answers lie within YOURSELF, this what Self Discovery work is all about.

Through my Awaken the Woman Within course I reveal the seven ways we hold ourselves back as women and also give you the seven soul secrets to overcome them.

‘Awaken the Woman within’ is all about YOU!

I intuitively guide you back to your own intuition, your heart and soul through a unique creative and soul searching process to help you truly AWAKEN your own confidence, wisdom, happiness and empowerment.

An Awakened Woman is:-

She is CLEAR, on who she is, whats important, what matters most and what she wants!

She is CHOOSER, of friends, her lovers, how she chooses to respond to the challenges life brings her and attitudes and actions of others!

She is COMPASSIONATE, to herself and her needs and to others

She is CONFIDENT, of her choices, her boundaries and her self worth and her own unique beauty!

She is COURAGEOUS, in facing her fears, forgiving others, letting go of past hurts and mistakes and following her own truth, regardless of what others think!

She is in CONTROL, of herself, her own thoughts, feelings and actions even when pulled in all directions!

She is CENTERED, rooted in herself, trusting her own internal intuition and natural cycle even in times of uncertainty!

She is a CREATOR, of her environment, of her experiences and her own path through life, how it looks and how it feels!

‘Awaken the Woman Within’ Retreat 

This isn’t just any retreat. Its not just about the Self Care, its about something much deeper, developing strong self esteem and self love, transforming your life! r

Awakening the wise, intuitive, confident and empowered woman within you through a seven step process.

Discover YOU – 

Discover  – the thoughts and feelings that are holding you back and keeping you stuck

Discover – the powerful exercise that leads you to the real authentic YOU!

Discover – the one simple truth that can shift your feelings immediately

Discover – whats really important to you and knowing this can guide all your choices and decisions in life.


Connect to YOU – 

Connect – to the one essential thing to weave into your life to blossom to your potential

Connect – to your confidence and self esteem

Connect – to your own intuition and wisdom

Connect – to what and who is important to you and how to fiercely protect this and take back control of your life

Connect – to the real essence of YOU with a life changing exercise which shifts every woman who has done it


Awaken to all YOU are –

Awaken – to your own natural powerful cycle, make it work for you.

Awaken – to the freedom of letting go and forgiving

Awaken – to take full responsibility for your life and take back your own power.

Awaken – to the truth about what fear really means and how you can change your perception of it

Awaken – your motivation and commitment to yourself to leave with a clear intention on how to implement what you discovered


A retreat with a real difference, to truly start to AWAKEN your own confidence, wisdom, happiness, empowerment and potential as a woman.

YOU MATTER – this is your life!

Once you fully and deeply understand and know yourself, you have a strong foundation to then go after your dreams and achieve all your heart desires. Without knowing who you really are, it’s impossible for you to live your dream!


This isn’t just another retreat!

Why is it different?

So many retreats promise to change your life in a few days! We all know that is not really true. Yes, you will have big shifts in your thinking, perceptions and beliefs and the self discovery work we do is proven to be deeply powerful.

However, the REAL work starts when you go back home, when you are facing the ups and downs and challenges of life and you are trying to implement all you have learnt and finally know about yourself.

This is what makes this retreat and me different! I absolutely believe in supporting YOU consistently! Not just on a retreat. I know you will leave on an absolute high, every woman does! What I also know, is that high can erode through day to day life. I know that we can forget things we have learnt.

I know that change only comes through consistent steps in the right direction and my mantra is – ‘Little by little, becomes a lot’. Its been proven that any new habit including changing thoughts, feelings and actions can take up to 90 days to implement.

My deepest desire is that you don’t leave the retreat and forget what you have learnt, that you leave with a clear blueprint to help you instil the seven soul secrets as your daily path.

One of my deepest passion is giving consistent support to women as I know its the only way to deep lasting change.


You will leave knowing there is a clear path to take to implement all you have learnt and realised and much more, gently and consistently.


How much does it cost?

Your investment to attend this life changing ‘Awaken the Woman Within’ course  is £997


Where is the Awaken the Woman within retreat days held?

The retreat is held at the beautiful purposeful built retreat centre –

Does the ‘Awaken the Woman Within’ work?

The Awaken the woman within course and its seven step process has transformed my own life from hitting rock bottom as a single Mum with two young children, absolutely no family support and very little money! I was stuck in a cycle of victim mode and feeling lost.

Now, I have awakened who I really am, not only as a woman but also a mother, doing work I truly love, living where I want to be and in a wonderful relationship.

It is only after consistently doing the work and building the strong foundation through this process, did I have the energy, confidence and commitment to follow my heart and dreams.

This has taken me five years of struggle to find out what works, and what doesn’t, going down many dead ends, making mistakes, and I’ve been right around the spiritual supermarket through books, retreats and courses.

I’m saving you TIME, ENERGY, STRUGGLE and MONEY! Through the Awaken the Woman within course I have stripped out anything that doesn’t relate to us as women, I have condensed all my learning of the most powerful tools and insights that work into the seven soul secrets.

You can do this so much faster, easier and more consistently that I ever could as I’m giving you the blueprint I wish I had known about five years ago!

All you need to do is follow it!

Some testimonials from women who have attended  – ‘Awaken the Woman Within’ Weekend Self Discovery retreat

‘I didn’t expect to be able to find myself doing the Awaken the Woman within program, yet I did!. It was such a safe place to allow myself to have a good look inside my soul. I loved the timeline exercise and the burning ritual too. I felt empty, drained and worthless before and now feeling healed and empowered. I cannot thank you enough’ – Sharon

‘These retreat days doing the Awaken the Woman within program have transformed my life. I feel inspired and content and its been packed full of soul nourishing wisdom. It has been an unforgettable experience. Thank you so much’ – Fiona

‘Above and beyond any expectations I had, the connection we all felt had such a profound effect on me. Giving ourselves time and permission to start to really discover who we are has to the greatest gift we can give ourselves. I felt lost, anxious and hopeless before and now feel exhilarated and empowered with renewed faith and optimism in myself and hopeful for the future. Thank you Sarah, its been life changing for me. Its been tough at times to go to the difficult places but you have been so supportive, caring and held the space. I will never forget this experience, the lovely environment, your home, the food and the beautiful company. I have gained so much from this experience’ – Lesley


‘This Awaken the Woman within program has helped me understand the nature of the protective layers I had built up. For the first time I realised how much i had given my power away to others. It provides a spiritual angle which helped me see things from a different perspective. I feel empowered, relaxed, at ease and one with myself. Thankyou so much. Words cannot express how grateful I feel. It’s been fabulous and Alnmouth took my breath away. You are incredibly warm, inspiring and nurturing and a true angel’ – Ceri 


Sarah x



Q – What if I booked and need to cancel?

A – Please Note: Due to the nature of the retreat days, deposits and money paid is non refundable.

Q – Will I have time for myself during the three days?

A – Absolutely! Some of the exercises we will do, you will have time to reflect on your own and there are also opportunities throughout the day for time at the beach.

Q – I would love to come but cant make the dates! I’m really interested in your ‘Awaken the Woman within’ program though….

A – In the meantime, I have a very special gift just for you! Its a FREE CLASS where I share more of my own journey of losing a sense of who I was and what I wanted and yet yearning for something more. I’m sharing mistakes I made, the dead ends I went down and most importantly knowledge that took me YEARS to get to. This is yours for FREE!

Simply click on this link to sign up to watch – FREE CLASS – MY GIFT TO YOU 

Q – I have other questions that aren’t answered here, how can I find out more? 

A – Simply email me at and I will reply within 24 hours.