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Welcome to the Awaken the Woman Within Online Coaching Course.

Each week a new video and PDF will appear below, we’ll email you when it becomes available. This helps you move through the course in small steps rather than feeling overwhelmed.

Your first step is to watch the welcome video below if you haven’t already done so, otherwise continue to Week 1:-

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Our first deadly sin is Self Deception – deceiving ourself and denying our true thoughts and feelings. Self awareness is the soul secret that moves us away from this.

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Week 1 – Understanding how we fall into the sin of Self Deception

Download Week 1 PDF

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Week 2 – How are you really currently feeling?

Download Week 2 PDF

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Week 3 – What are you thinking? Begin to master your mindset and you master your life!

Download Week 3 PDF

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Week 4 – Understanding the law of attraction – watch the video and fill in the blanks on your PDF worksheets, Reflect on what this law means for your life.

Download Week 4 PDF

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Week 5 – The Power of Affirmations! – Begin to use specific mantras/affirmations daily in your life.

Download Week 5 PDF

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Week 6 – What is really important in your life? The key is knowing your own core values.

Download Week 6 PDF

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Week 7 – A summary of the sin of self deception and our journey so far in self awareness.

Download Week 7 PDF

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Our second deadly sin is Self Pity – feeling sorry for ourselves and falling into victim mode. Self acceptance is the key to moving away from this.

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Week 1 – The ‘sin’ of self pity and understanding how we do this as women

Download Self Acceptance Week 1 PDF

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Week 2 – How are you really currently feeling in life?

Download Self Acceptance Week 2 PDF

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Week 3 – What expectations could be contributing to self pity?  Work through the PDF to find out where you might be putting unrealistic demands and pressure upon yourself.

Download Self Acceptance Week 3 PDF

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Week 4 – How to deal with disappointments

Download Self Acceptance Week 4 PDF

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Week 5 – Comparison is the thief of your joy!

Download Self Acceptance Week 5 PDF

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Week 6 – How to not let others effect your own energy and vibration

Download Self Acceptance Week 6 PDF

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Week 7 – The secret shifter to self acceptance

Download Self Acceptance Week 7 PDF

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Week 1 – Understanding the sin of self sacrifice

Download Self Care Week 1 PDF

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Week 2 – Reconnect back to the little girl within you.

Download Self Care Week 2 PDF

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Week 3 – Self Care by tuning into your intuition and heart. Watch the video and then listen to the Visualisation. Download the PDF to complete questions after.

Audio Visualisation
Download Self Care Week 3 PDF

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Week 4 – Find your own authentic golden thread through creative discovery work. Watch video and invest in a scrapbook/blank journal to do this work.

Download Self Care Week 4 PDF

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Week 5 – Committing to your own Authentic Treasure Map (creative work following on from last week)

Download Self Care Week 5 PDF

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Week 6 – The S.P.I.C.E.S of your life – weaving in self care in different ways

Download Self Care Week 6 PDF

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Week 7 – Your Self Care Permission slip and a summary of this section of weaving in self care into your life and letting go of self sacrifice.

Download Self Care Week 7 PDF

This is the end of the Self Care section, click on the Self Nourishment tab at the top of this page to see the next section.

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Week 1 – Understanding how we fall into the sin of Self Criticism. Watch the video and complete the PDF

Download Self Nourishment Week 1 PDF

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Week 2 – A powerful exercise – You will need a mirror, some quality time on your own. Watch the video, download the PDF and listen to the beautiful music (Youtube video Link below) whilst you connect with yourself in the mirror and ask the questions on the PDF.

Download Self Nourishment Week 2 PDF

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Week 3 – The ‘I am’ exercise, acknowledging and accepting all your achievements and owning your gifts and talents too.

Download Self Nourishment Week 3 PDF

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Week 4 – Replacing self criticism with inner confidence. Watch the video which explains about the meditation for this week and download the PDF to record your reflections

Download Self Nourishment Week 4 PDF

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Week 5 – Identify your inner critic and learn how to quiet its voice! Watch the video and download the PDF to record your reflections

Download Self Nourishment Week 5 PDF

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Week 6 – Discover a life changing tool which will help you hear the wise authentic voice underneath any self criticism

Download Self Nourishment Week 6 PDF

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Week 7 – An exercise in forgiveness of ourselves

Download Self Nourishment Week 7 PDF

This is the end of the Self Nourishment section, click on the Self Respect tab at the top of this page to see the next section.

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Week 1 – Understanding the sin of self abuse and what it really means!

Download Self Respect Week 1 PDF

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Week 2 – Who is supporting you and with who do you need to set boundaries?

Download Self Respect Week 2 PDF

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Week 3 – Identifying if you are a people pleaser and how to stop!

Download Self Respect Week 3 PDF

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Week 4 – What will you no longer tolerate?

Download Self Respect Week 4 PDF

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Week 5 – How to protect your energy and create a circle of truth

Download Self Respect Week 5 PDF

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Week 6 – A closer a look at what’s draining you

Download Self Respect Week 6 PDF

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Week 7 – What are your top three priorities and core values in life?

Download Self Respect Week 7 PDF

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Week 1 – Understanding the sin of Self Sabotage

Download Self Empowerment Week 1 PDF

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Week 2 – Identifying your core beliefs and how they might be holding you back

Download Self Empowerment Week 2 PDF

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Week 3 – Identify the three ways we sabotage progress – whats your attachment style? – This week is powerful!

Download Self Empowerment Week 3 PDF

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Week 4 – Learn how to work with your natural hormone cycle rather than against it!

Download Self Empowerment Week 4 PDF

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Week 5 – What habits are sabotaging your progress?

Download Self Empowerment Week 5 PDF

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Week 6 – The truths about FEAR you need to know!

Download Self Empowerment Week 6 PDF

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Week 7 – Understanding your shadow self

Download Self Empowerment Week 7 PDF

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Week 1 – Don’t hit the self destruct button!

Download Self Love Week 1 PDF

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Week 2 – Take back your power and control of your life!

Download Self Love Week 2 PDF

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Week 3 – Forgiving others and letting go

Download Self Love Week 3 PDF

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Week 4 – Let go of perfectionism

Download Self Love Week 4 PDF

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Week 5 – Living from your heart and soul and not your head!

Download Self Love Week 5 PDF

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Week 6 – Letting go and relaxing into life

Download Self Love Week 6 PDF

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Week 7 – Trusting the universe and committing to your future!

Download Self Love Week 7 PDF