“Awaken the woman Within” Self Discovery Coaching

Self Discovery Coaching is for you if you resonate with one or more of these:

  • You feel like you’ve lost a true sense of who you are and what you want in life, maybe questioning – Is this it?
  • You always feel like you SHOULD be doing and being more than what you are, constantly putting more pressure upon yourself
  • You struggle with a good relationship with yourself, always criticising self and negative self talk which leads to low self esteem and lack of confidence .
  • You struggle to let go of disappointments and pain in life and often end up suppressing these emotions instead of dealing with them
  • You overthink and worry about things far too much and maybe are faced with some big choices and decisions which leave you feeling fearful
  • You end up people pleasing and putting everyone else before yourself
  • You feel guilty about making yourself a priority in your life
  • You constantly feel overwhelmed with life and the day to day challenges.
  • You want change and are ready for it!

♥ ‘The first step to getting anywhere is deciding you are not willing to stay where you are’

Why choose one to one coaching?

An experienced self discovery coach will help you understand that all the answers lie within YOU!

A Self Discovery coach can absolutely see all your amazing potential even when you cant and gently help you understand whats holding you back and guide you back to your heart and soul.

Self Discovery Coaching brings you back to you, rediscovering, reconnecting and reawakening to everything you truly are under all those protective layers.

Self Discovery Coaching gives you:

  • Confidence
  • Self esteem
  • Strength and courage to make decisions that are right for you
  • Understanding of yourself
  • Inner peace
  • Presence
  • Balance
  • Happiness and joy

The best relationship you can ever have with is with yourself, and in turn this affects your relationship with everyone else. 

Why I am different and what makes Self Discovery Coaching unique!

Life Coaching in general tends to focus on thoughts, beliefs that are holding you back from moving forward and help you focus on goals, taking action and leaps towards your dreams. It focuses on where you want to go, not necessarily WHO YOU are now, and whats going on at a deeper subconscious level.

My style of Self Discovery coaching is different as I help you get back to YOU. All the answers lie within and I intuitively guide you back to your heart and soul through a unique creative and soul searching process.

I travel this road with YOU at all times, I’m your biggest cheerleader!

Why? – I know exactly how it feels to know intuitively there is something more and to keep journeying into myself to understand why things happen and how I can blossom into my full potential.

I live and breathe this self discovery journey and have done for the past five years.

Often as women, we are already feeling overwhelmed and put pressure upon ourselves to do more and be more. If you are already tired of the ‘shoulds’, you know that just simply goal setting can feel exhausting and is not sustainable long term as women who are juggling endless demands of life.

My Self Discovery coaching will show you how to accept, love and appreciate yourself through a unique creative intuitive process. You will finally understand why things happen, and why maybe you have struggled with family life, relationships, health, work, money and self image.

Its holistic, creative and a reflective style of coaching, where you will be in balance with mind, body and spirit to live a intuitive deeply centred and connected life

The coaching is:-

  • intense yet gentle,
  • powerful yet nourishing and
  • absolutely life transforming,
  • increasing your self worth and real happiness and joy.
  • You will finally understand the real essence of who you are.

Not only have I transformed my own life through this seven step process, from hitting rock bottom as a single Mum, stuck in victim mode and struggling as a mother, in relationships and also with no connection to myself. Now, doing work I love, living by the beach, a wonderful relationship and finally becoming the Mum I dreamt of becoming.

This self discovery coaching has helped countless other women gain a deep relationship with themselves first and then naturally this impacts everything around us.

Once you fully and deeply understand yourself, you have a strong foundation to then go after your dreams and achieve all your heart desires.

I have trained and qualified in Confidence Coaching with the Hayhouse author and spiritual Life Coach Dawn Breslin and studied NLP and Life Coaching.

I am always learning and studying, reading several self development books a week, and am fully committed to my own growth and self development each week to pass onto others what I am learning.

‘Sarah is amazing, its time for her to fly and share her gift with others. I completely trust in her genuine talent to help others and she is a complete natural’ – Dawn Breslin

Coaching Session Options ♥

‘Option 1 – Self Discovery Day’  – 10am – 2.30pm
(At my home in Alnmouth – Includes refreshments and light lunch)

This is for anyone who wants a transformational intense day rather than a weekly session due to your own personal commitments.

Self Discovery work which gently builds up your self esteem, examining your beliefs, reminding you of who you are, reconnecting you back to your inner wisdom.

These day sessions are designed as a safe nurturing environment where you can finally let go, release any pent up emotions and be free to work through your feelings. My Self Discovery days always include delicious homemade cake and lunch.

PLEASE NOTE: Two full day sessions are usually recommended to understand the complete program of seven steps to awakening to all you are through my unique creative ‘Awaken the woman within’ process.

Your Investment is £150 for a one day transformational session. PLEASE NOTE – THIS IS ONLY FOR SESSIONS BOOKED AND PAID FOR BEFORE 31ST DECEMBER 2018.



‘Thank you Thank you Thank you for helping me realise my true self, helping me balance my life, empowering me, being part of this journey with me and for all the fun and creativity along the way too. The coaching process was amazing. I already felt spiritually connected but felt something was missing and I now will live this way forever. I have learnt so much about myself, whats been stopping me and how I can move forward with my life with confidence, clarity and fierce determination. You are an inspiration’Helen (Chester Le Street) 


‘Such a huge thank you for all of your help and support during the seven week coaching process.
When I first met you I was feeling lost and did not know what direction life was taking me. I felt extremely low in confidence and had some health issues going on at the same time.

Your coaching exceeded my expectations. I have now gained more self confidence, clarity and now have a clear vision of how I want my life to be and I have set my self clear concise goals to keep my self on track.

You have given me so many tips on how to overcome my fears and challenges and realise my personal strengths and abilities of which I had forgotten about. You also helped so much with setting boundaries with people of which I had not been doing l always found it difficult to say “no. I would most definitely recommend you to others.Beverley (Durham)

Option 2 – Seven Week Self Discovery Coaching Course  (One Hour sessions via skype or at my home in Alnmouth, Northumberland)

Seven powerful life transforming one hour sessions of self discovery based on my ‘Awaken the Woman within’ program.

To Discover, Connect and Awaken YOU. This is for YOU if you want to grasp and understand each of the seven steps on a weekly basis and slowly start to weave the seven aspects of confidence and self love into your life. Self Discovery Sessions can be held at my home where you can engage your senses and work through the work creatively together or as Skpye sessions which are also effective mixed with the small amounts of creative work you will do in between sessions.

Your Investment is £350  (Minimum half to be paid in advance to secure your session times) PLEASE NOTE – THIS IS ONLY FOR SESSIONS BOOKED AND PAID FOR BEFORE 31ST DECEMBER 2018.

FROM JANUARY 1ST 2019, THE PRICE WILL INCREASE TO £500 for the seven week course. 

“I’m not sure the words I use here to describe Sarah can do her justice. She’s so much more than just a life coach. She’s a warrior, an advisor, a confidant, a mentor, an inspiration and she has changed my life. From feeling heavy, stagnant and unworthy less than six months ago, Sarah has guided me into turning every aspect of my life around. I wish I had found Sarah and invested in myself years ago…….thank you Sarah. Julie (York)


I have been having coaching sessions with Sarah for around a year now. Firstly with the seven week process and then generally once every couple of months to keep me on track, and the difference she has made in my life is astounding.

When I first met Sarah, I had gone through some quite traumatic experiences and I felt lost, unable to move on and an anxious mess. I had accessed a variety of counselling, ranging from talking therapy to CBT but nothing really helped. Self Discovery coaching with Sarah is completely different. Of course Sarah listens to how you’re feeling with a gentle empathy, but the main focus of the session is about how you want to feel and how you want your life to be.

Sarah supports you in peeling back the layers to uncover who you really are and to feel clear about your purpose in life. She then shows you the tools to make it happen.

I really felt I was surviving each day but now I know where I want my life to be and have the tools to focus on achieving it. I am a much calmer person, more accepting of myself and know where my life is headed.
I am so grateful to have found you and am so happy to be moving forward at long last and realising how important my own self care is.Maria (Washington)


You can find many more Testimonials from women I’ve worked with here.

How do I book a self discovery session?

I know from experience, that the first step is often the hardest. If you are reading this, it means you know at a soul level, this coaching work could be exactly what you need to gift yourself.

Be gentle with yourself and take a chance on something that is the start of a wonderful new chapter. Begin to make YOU a priority in your life and rediscover all that YOU are.

Sarah x

Next steps:-

  1. Complete the evaluation form first by clicking button below,
  2. I’ll be in contact within 48 hours to arrange a fifteen minute consultation to confirm which option is best for you and what you would like to gain from your bespoke self discovery coaching sessions.