“Awaken the woman Within” Self Discovery Coaching

Are you feeling stuck, bombarded with information yet don’t know where to start?

Do you feel frustrated with yourself and life and feel guilty that you are not making the changes you desperately want?

Does time seem to pass by each day without feeling that you are moving forward?

Are you yearning for more balance and connection within but feel you are a low priority in your life?

♥ ‘The first step to getting anywhere is deciding you are not willing to stay where you are’

Have you been struggling to make changes?

If you are currently trying to make changes and you are doing any of these things below, you will struggle:

  • Trying to change too many things at the same time
  • Too impatient for change and therefore give up before you have given it enough time for deep change to happen
  • Trying to do it all on your own
  • Information overload, reading too many books, taking too many courses, following lots of different thought leaders/coaches but yet still not moving forward.

Why choose one to one coaching?

An experienced coach will challenge all your thoughts, beliefs, and hold you accountable for real lasting change, they can identify all your blocks that are unique to you that are preventing you from moving forward in life. In my experience, we cant see our own blindspots in life and it takes a good coach to help you see this.

A coach can absolutely see all your amazing potential even when you cant. The sessions are intuitively guided so you can start to see and feel the potential within yourself too.

Can you imagine finally understanding what makes you feel stuck and what difference it could make to your life to begin to believe in yourself more?

Why I am different!

My coaching is unique as Im passionate about stripping away anything that isnt the real you, identifying thoughts, beliefs and habits that aren’t truly authentic to you and helping you awaken to your own authenticity.

Most coaches will purely focus on your goals and what you want to achieve in life and help you get there. My style of coaching is different as I help you strip back whats not true for you, help you rediscover everything you truly are and from that place, you will naturally begin to gain insights into exactly whats right for you and develop lasting confidence and courage in yourself to follow your heart and dreams.

Its a holistic style of coaching, where you will be in balance with mind, body and spirit to live a intuitive deeply centred and connected life

The coaching is intense, powerful and life transforming.

I have trained and qualified in Confidence Coaching with the Hayhouse author and spiritual Life Coach Dawn Breslin, and studied NLP and Life Coaching.

  • Dawn Breslin’s comments on mentoring and training me –

‘Sarah is amazing, its time for her to fly and share her gift with others. I completely trust in her genuine talent to help others and she is a complete natural’

(More about my journey on this link – About Sarah)

Coaching Session Options ♥

One powerful hour and half session – (Via skype or at my home in Alnmouth, Northumberland)

For women who want direction and clarity on how to start to make lasting changes. A life changing hour and half which will give you complete clarity.

Full Day Option – 10am – 2.30pm (Includes refreshments and light lunch)

This is for anyone who wants a transformational intense day rather than a weekly session due to your own personal commitments.
£250 for this option.

10 Week Coaching Course (one hour sessions) (Via skype or at my home in Alnmouth, Northumberland)

This is for anyone who wants accountability and weekly step to by step progress to awaken to your full potential.
£550 (Minimum half to be paid in advance to secure your session times)

Link to Testimonials page – Testimonials 

To book a ten minute initial phone call, please fill in the form on my contact page. and I will call you back to discuss further. 

‘The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the one with yourself’