The Courage to be YOU! Retreat – August 2020

Sorry this year’s retreat is no longer running.


Ditch the Guilt – Reclaim Your Life

  • You feel like you’ve lost a true sense of who you are maybe questioning – Is this what I really want? Is this it?
  • You feel restless….that there must be something more, like something is missing…..a piece of the jigsaw but your aren’t sure what.
  • You always feel like you SHOULD be doing and being more than what you are, constantly putting more pressure upon yourself?
  • You are stuck in a cycle of low self esteem, constantly criticising yourself.
  • You often feel overwhelmed with life, struggle with constantly giving of yourself to others, leaving you feeling exhausted and resentful?
  • You feel guilty of perceived mistakes you’ve made and struggle to let go of hurt, pain and disappointments?
  • You feel trapped constantly people pleasing and putting everyone else before yourself, at the expense your own joy and happiness
  • You overthink and worry about things far too much and maybe are faced with some big choices and decisions which leave you feeling fearful and frightened of the unknown.
  • You feel like you are have no power in your life, asking yourself – Why me, what have I done to deserve this?
  • You feel frustrated with yourself for some of your choices and habits but feel its too challenging and scary to change?
  • You don’t ever feel enough as a mum, a lover, a friend, a business woman, constantly comparing yourself to others?


Yes this is how I’m feeling….so what’s the answer?

‘The first step to getting anywhere is deciding you are not willing to stay where you are’

Through ‘The Courage to be you’ program I reveal the SEVEN most important steps you MUST take to finally feel strong self esteem AND radical self love which has an incredible ripple effect on yourself, your relationship, your children, your work/business and your LIFE!

When you have the COURAGE TO BE YOU…

You are CLEAR, on who you are, whats most important and what you want!

You are a CHOOSER, of friends, lovers, and how you choose to respond to the challenges life brings you

You are COMPASSIONATE, to yourself and your needs and to others

You are CONFIDENT, of your choices, your boundaries, your self worth and your  own unique beauty!

You feel COURAGEOUS, in facing your fears, forgiving others, letting go of past hurts and mistakes and following your  own truth, regardless of what others think!

You are in CONTROL, of yourself, your own thoughts, feelings and actions even when pulled in all directions!

You are CENTRED trusting your own intuition even in times of uncertainty!

Your a CREATOR, of your environment, of your experiences and your own path through life, how it looks and how it feels!


‘The Courage to be YOU’ Retreat 

This isn’t just any retreat. Its not just about Self Care, its about something much deeper,

developing STRONG SELF ESTEEM and RADICAL SELF LOVE through a seven step process transforming your life.


The one thing you absolutely must turn on its head so you can begin to respond not react to people and situations.

What no one tells you about your negative self talk and why you must follow this technique to avoid longterm pain and GUILT!

The real reason we feel we have to rely on outside validation and how to truly validate yourself

The most effective method for turning rejection and disappointment into self power and belief.



How to  reverse the role of constantly being the fixer of everyone else’s problems, guilt free and without feeling selfish! 

How to finally let let go of feeling like a failure and the sound strategy you need to know to release the internal pressure of perfectionism and relentless high standards. 

How to say No, stand up for yourself and do whats right for you without feeling you are letting others down. 

How to ensure you don’t feel criticised, dictated or patronised ever again and believe in your own self worth to attract the love and connection you deserve. 


Why we struggle with bad habits, poor choices and the only way to create lasting permanent empowering ones. 

How to stop projecting your unhappiness and dislike of yourself onto others causing friction, hurt and pain and avoid pushing people away.  

The only way to blast your self destructing beliefs around relationships, family life, yourself, money or life and WHY this is crucial for your self esteem and longterm happiness. 

How to never again feel guilty for whats inside of you and your dreams and live courageously being you. 



A retreat with a real difference! 


YOU MATTER – this is your life!

Once you have the courage to be you, you have the best foundation possible to courageously flourish in life and create the life you dream of.

This isn’t just another retreat.

Why is it different?

So many retreats promise to change your life in a few days……..but only a few really deliver that result!

I can promise that you will have big shifts in your thinking, perceptions and beliefs as the work we do is proven to be deeply powerful. I know it will be life transforming to attend.

However, the REAL work starts when you go back home, when you are facing the ups and downs and challenges of life and you are trying to implement all you have learnt.

This is what makes this retreat and me different.

I absolutely believe in supporting YOU consistently. Not just on a retreat. I know you will leave on an absolute high, every woman does! What I also know, is that high can erode through day to day life. I know that we can forget things we have learnt.

I know that deep lasting change only comes through consistent steps in the right direction and my mantra is  ‘Little by little, becomes a lot’. Its known is the coaching world as the Compound Effect. 

My deepest desire is that you don’t leave the retreat and forget what you have learnt, that you leave with a clear blueprint to help you instil the Seven Steps as your daily path.


An extra special reason for booking is this is the first time ever that I’m running this with an incredible Shamanic teacher and initiated Ceremonial Fire Keeper, Iza Moon who will be sharing her gifts with us though-out the retreat time with energy healing work, music, songs, powerful fire ceremonies and more. 

Check out Iza’s Facebook page for more details

This year you also get the added bonus of your own bedroom due to the current restrictions instead of sharing in twin room facilities.

How much is my investment?

Your investment to attend this life changing and transformational

 ‘The Courage to be YOU’ Retreat is  £1,750


BONUS 1 – I am also including my seven month online ‘Courage to be you’ program in the price of attending the retreat, which means you instantly are saving £540. You can start TODAY, right now in investing in yourself and your future as as soon as you book your space on the retreat, you gain immediate access to the online program

BONUS 2 – Not only do you receive immediate access to the online Courage to Be You program, you also become a lifelong member of our Women of Courage Facebook group saving you £180 every year. Our Facebook group is full of like minded women who are ditching the guilt and reclaiming their lives. Your bonus membership includes monthly group coaching and so much more.

BONUS 3 – This year you get your very own bedroom rathe than sharing to keep in guidance with current restrictions.

Your investment is fully inclusive of all materials, accommodation, amazing food, refreshments, course sessions, group activities and all materials required TAKING YOU THROUGH A POWERFUL TRANSFORMATIONAL PROCESS and most importantly with access to an experienced knowledgeable SELF ESTEEM MENTOR and a SHAMANIC HEALER. (Helping you shine a light on any blind spots and limiting beliefs that often we just cant see on our own)

One payment of £1750

(Credit or Debit card, no Paypal account needed)


This retreat IS ONLY FOR SEVEN WOMEN to ensure EVERYONE has the time, space and opportunity to be fully heard, supported and guided through the process in a safe, non judgmental, accepting space.

Where is The Courage to be YOU retreat held?

The retreat is held at the beautiful purposeful built simply and rustic HAYBERGILL RETREAT Cumbria.

Its a gorgeous soul nourishing venue immersed in nature which I just know you fall in love with as everyone does. IT IS A VERY SPECIAL PLACE to do this life changing work.

You will arrive anytime from 7.30pm on Wednesday 19th  August to give you time to relax and unwind before we start the program on Thursday morning at 10am.

You will be immersed in The Courage to be YOU program from Thursday through to Saturday during the day with our evenings spent around a fire, meditations, music, guidance cards and more.

You will leave after breakfast following an optional gorgeous soul nourishing and gentle Yoga session with the amazing Shola on the Sunday morning (23rd August) feeling rested, recharged and excited about life again!

Does The Courage to be YOU’ program really work?

The Courage to be YOU program and its SEVEN step process has transformed my own life from hitting rock bottom as a single Mum with two young children, absolutely no family support and very little money! I was stuck in a cycle of victim mode, feeling guilty, lost and never ever enough.

Now I have the courage to be me, with strong Self Esteem and deep Self Love. From this solid foundation, Ive been able to courageously flourish as a MOTHER, a LOVER, a business WOMAN and in all areas of my life.

It is only after consistently doing the work and building the strong foundation through this process, did I have the energy, commitment, and most importantly the STRONG self esteem and COURAGE to follow my heart and dreams.

This has taken me over FIVE years of struggle to find out what works, and what doesn’t, going down many dead ends, making mistakes, and I’ve been right around the spiritual supermarket through books, retreats and courses!

I’m saving you TIME, ENERGY, STRUGGLE and MONEY! Ive spent THOUSANDS of pounds and hundreds of hours to understand all of this.

Through The Courage to be YOU program I have stripped out anything that doesn’t relate to us as women, I have condensed all my learning of the most powerful tools and insights that work into a simple but powerful seven step process.

You can do this so much faster, easier and more consistently that I ever could as I’m giving you the blueprint I wish I had known about seven years ago!

Just think of the cost to yourself emotionally. mentally and financially longterm if you don’t take action now!

All you need to do invest in yourself and follow the proven successful method to radical self esteem and self love. 

Some testimonials from women who have attended  – ‘The Courage to be YOU‘ retreat

Mum guilt and not feeling enough! This is a really big one for me as I always felt the responsibility for everyone’s happiness and as a people pleaser I always worked very hard meeting everyone else’s needs. Obviously the person whose needs were never met was mine. This made putting boundaries in place very difficult, any attempt was met with an incredible amount of resistance, being told I was the worst mum in the world was enough to make me think it was so, this in turn made me feel very little self worth and guilty for even trying. Years of this led to growing feelings of worthlessness , no self esteem, no self care. It’s what everyone expected of me, a no body! Through ‘The Courage to be You’ retreat I began to remember who I was, who I was meant to be and who I wanted to be!

I have learnt to put boundaries in place so my daughter couldn’t manipulate situations to suit her needs. I learnt to stop feeling responsible for my son being Autistic, I learnt to stop blaming myself and to start loving myself. This is something I need to work on frequently to prevent slipping back into old habits of self sabotage, but I now have the strong strategy to do so. I love the person who had the courage to start this process and I love the life I am creating for MYSELF! Thank you Sarah the ‘Courage to be You’ program you have developed is the only way to consistently make these changes and move my life forward to the happy, successful and rewarding place I have reached.  –  Caroline 

‘Above and beyond any expectations I had. The connection we all felt had such a profound effect on me. Giving ourselves time and permission to start to really discover who we are has to the greatest gift we can give ourselves. I felt lost, anxious and hopeless before and now feel exhilarated and empowered with renewed faith and optimism in myself and hopeful for the future. You helped me let go of the guilt of old mistakes and recognise why I had done things and how to do it differently moving forward. Thank you Sarah, its been life changing for me. Its been tough at times to go to the difficult places but you have been so supportive, caring and held the space. I will never forget this experience, the lovely environment, the food and the beautiful company. I have gained so much from this experience’ – Lesley

‘As Career woman, a Mother, a Wife and a daughter I spent years trying to be perfect to meet everyones expectations. After years of lack of sleep through juggling everything my body and mind was exhausted. I felt I had nothing left to give or to truly enjoy life except the occasional time out. I was riddled with guilt and in survival mode and just kept wearing the mask, putting the lipstick on and pretending all was ok. I knew I needed to make changes but I did what we always tend to do and stayed with the unhappy familiar rather then scary unfamiliar for years. It took attending The Courage to be You retreat to help me identify why I was behaving like I was, allowing myself to be in a controlling relationship. Sarah helped me ditch the guilt of not living up to others peoples expectations, also helped me create the boundaries and strategies I needed when  ‘upsetting others’ when I got clear on what I really wanted. I now think of myself as a Self Esteem/Self Love Warrior! I know I have to stay true to my core values at all costs and am learning to continually ask myself – What do I really want. I now get its not selfish to do this, its necessary to be clearer and happier. The happier I am, the more light and joy I radiate out to others. Thank you Sarah for being the bravest woman I know and a true inspiration and amazing women having the courage to be you’ – Marie 


If you are interested, yet have some questions that you want answering, email me to book a twenty minute COMPLIMENTARY CLARITY CALL.



(Credit or Debit card, no Paypal account needed)



Q – What if I booked and need to cancel?

A – Please Note: Due to the nature of the retreat days, deposits and money paid is non refundable.

Q – Will I have time for myself during the retreat? 

A – Absolutely. Some of the exercises will give you time to reflect on your own and there are also opportunities throughout the day for time in nature or within the centre.

Q – I would love to come but cant make the dates! I’m really interested in ‘The Courage to be YOU’ program though….

A – The Courage to be YOU retreat ONLY happens annually once a year and 2021 the cost will be significantly increased. There is however my seven month online ‘The Courage to be YOU’ program  which takes you though the content gently and consistently which you can sign up for at £540 with this link –

The Courage to be You – Seven Month Online Program 

I also have a very special gift just for you! Its a FREE WEBINAR where I share more of my own journey of never feeling enough as a woman, mother and partner and how I ditched the Me Guilt and reclaimed my own life and had the courage to flourish. I’m sharing the epic mistakes I made, the dead ends I went down and most importantly knowledge that took me YEARS to get to. This is yours for FREE!

Simply click on this link to sign up to watch – Ditch the Me Guilt WEBINAR

Q – I’m anxious because of Covoid 19, is the Retreat centre safe?

A – Absolutely! Haybergill Retreat Centre have ensured they are meeting all Health and Safety Guidelines and have undergone a thorough investigation to make sure they are ready to host retreats again. Any questions, feel free to contact them direct at

Q – I have other questions that aren’t answered here, how can I find out more? 

A – Simply email and we will reply as soon as possible