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-I’ve just finished reading the recent blog on ‘This too shall pass’ – It was great to read this as it allows me to understand the importance of ‘letting go’ of things and situations and that life always carries on. I’m a BIG dweller on things and want to let go of this which I find is beginning to release slowly. (I think!). I’m finding that I’m definitely connecting more with your stories and your techniques with gratitude. Didn’t realise how positive this is and because of your huge impact on it, I’m giving it a go and jotting down 3 things I’m grateful for each day’

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-‘This is just perfect…. in many ways. Firstly ,for me right now this is such amazing advice and exactly what is helping me . Secondly it’s a fantastically written piece , you have such talent with words.I think fear has been a big thing through my life and now can see where it has held me back – you can’t turn the clocks back but I can now try to work through those fears. Your life decisions must have been hard but I admire how you have faced such difficult fears. Thank you so much for this self discovery secret and your support’

– ‘I love the weekly ‘Self Discovery Secrets’ emails Sarah sends, I print each one off and keep in a special box to look at whenever Im not feeling great. Sarah gives such amazing advice and is exactly what I need to help me. They have helped me so much’

– ‘Sarah Self Discovery Secrets are saved in my Favourites section! She is like a breath of fresh air to my life. Its wonderful knowing Sarah feels like the strength I need behind me. 💕A book in the making’