Next Heart Mapping Mini Retreat! – Saturday 29th June

Are you feeling frustrated and stuck in life sucking you into a vicious cycle

of self criticism and despair?

Heart Mapping stops this in it’s tracks!

Using a simple unique process which empowers you to take back control of life!

  • Discover a simple but powerful technique which stops your negative thoughts and feelings in their tracks
  • Find out what your really thinking and feeling which is behind your negative thoughts.
  • Learn the two essential things that you can weave into your life that can transform how you feel and is the antidote to negativity.
  • Find out the one thing your not giving yourself!
  • Understand what creates this vicious cycle of frustration  and feeling blocked and how to start to change this.
  • Create your unique heart mapping path and find out why this is so powerful.
  • Learn a unique blueprint you can use forever after the retreat as the process is so simple and easy to follow.
  • Discover why Heart Mapping is a sure start to taking back the control in your life and the beginning of feeling stronger, more confident and happier in life. Its also an anchor when life throws you curve balls. You’ll see Heart Mapping as a quick  goto safety tool when you need to get back on track.

Why I Designed Heart Mapping

Heart Mapping has been developed through my own struggles as a Mother, a partner and a running a business, desperately seeking balance and clarity to face issues and challenges head on with confidence.

I used to feel stuck, frustrated and paralysed not knowing where to start and how to address any challenges with clear direction and confidence.

Heart Mapping was the initial process I created and began to implement that helped me begin to take back control of my life before I developed the in depth Self Discovery course ‘Awaken the Woman within’ program. Its like that initial tentative step into wanting to change things but not being sure how.

Its also a great process to get you back on track with feeling balanced and centred even after lots of personal development work on yourself. Over the years I have honed this process so that it is simple. effective and saves you energy, time and money in the long run!

I still use the process every quarter to address the balance back in my life and helps me focus on specific areas of my life and allows me to understand the challenge, address my current thoughts, feelings and beliefs and then follow the easy step by step process to make the changes.

What to expect

I have deliberately designed Heart Mapping to be an safe intimate space at my home in the beautiful coastal village of Alnmouth for a maximum of five women at one time because I know through my experiences running retreats for four years that when a small circle of women come together, the connection, insights and support is incredible.

Each woman has her own struggles and when we come together, we realise we are not alone and we feel the power of support from other women.

I keep the numbers small so that I can give each one of you my support, guidance and care. I often have seen women have huge light bulb moments of thoughts and feelings that are holding them back through some gentle guidance from me as to the real root and source of the issue.

When you leave, you will know how to use this process on your own in the future and will feel clear and confident on the gentle steps you need to take moving forward.

Next Retreat Will be on Saturday 29th June 2019 at 1pm – 5pm at my home in Alnmouth and includes materials, refreshments and homemade cake!
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Praise from Heart Mappers

‘Perfect location and fab content. I was feeling stuck. nervous and unsure before and now feel positive and hopeful knowing I can do this. Sarah provides a reflective and protected environment. Its given me time to reflect, reconnect and focus on a way forward’ – Karen

‘Loved spending time with like minded women and finding out tools to continue my self discovery and self development. Loved creating my heart mapping board too! It was fun, useful and creative. Im feeling energised! Thank you for sharing such a life changing technique with me, I know it will help me continue to make little changes in the right direction’ – Angela

‘I thought it was time to write you an email telling you what amazing changes are taking shape for me right now .. much of it thanks to the work I did on your lovely Heart Mapping mini retreat.
My challenge was my health and my fears or beliefs around the symptoms I experienced. I followed the Heart Mapping process every day.
At the time of the heart mapping day my word was “hopeful” .. that’s all I could be .. but it was a good foundation and each day I felt a little better until one day I felt joyful! That was a breakthrough. Since then I’ve gone from strength to strength and my symptoms are diminishing fast, I’ve had a significant increase in clients, I’ve been on nights out, joined an art class, been given a slot to speak at a small event, I’m networking again and starting to generally rebuild my life.
I feel a sense of excitement as my new chapter starts to unfold and know that good things are on their way.
I can’t thank you enough for your guidance lovely lady.. you are an absolute star! – Suzanne

‘A few weeks after the Heart mapping session Im feeling great! This process really works. Little bit little, really does become a lot. Thank you for being such a tower of strength for me’- Katie

‘Before coming I felt lost and lacking direction in most areas of my life. I felt I needed time to reflect on my journey and seek guidance to move forward. I found the Heart Mapping process very good at prioritising one area of my life rather than seeing all areas in disarray. Sarahs ways of working is powerfully gentle and supportive. I felt very at ease, values and enjoyed the process and the company as so supportive, non judgmental and accepting. I will definitely be doing more of this self discovery work again. Thank you so much” – Sylvie


Q – Does Heart Mapping really work?

A – Absolutely! it never fails to work providing you take gentle constant steps required following the retreat.

Q – I can’t make the next date? how often do they run?

A – I run them every other month, to ensure you are one of the first to know  signup to my Self Discovery Soul Secrets email  where I notify when the next heart Mapping session is running.

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Q – I feel uncomfortable in groups?

A – Then this is the perfect space for you because lots of women who have attended have felt the same and quickly felt comfortable and at ease.

Q – If I pay and then can’t attend can I get my money back?

A – Due to the nature of the retreat and limited spaces and the effort I put in, it’s not possible to refund. However if given 72 hours notice which allows me to re advertise your space, an exchange is possible for a future session.

Sarah x