Heart Mapping

‘Heart Mapping’ at beautiful Alnmouth on Saturday 14th July 2018 from 1pm – 4.30pm – A mini retreat just for you!

Learn how the simple unique effective process of Heart Mapping moves busy stressed women to a place of feeling more centred, focused and connected!

Would you love to feel less stuck and overwhelmed and move into a place where you are focused clearly on how you want to move forward in the areas in life which matter most to you at this time?

Are you struggling in your relationship, or your family life, your business/work, or even your own spiritual connection or self image? Whatever it is for you currently thats affecting your own self esteem and feeling of confidence in your own abilities to control your life, this process absolutely works!

Move from that dreaded feeling of survival or setting into focus and connected to yourself, knowing you have the tools to begin gently but surely start to soar through life! One step at a time, one day at a time, always honouring your own feelings throughout.

This will be a interactive, soul searching, creative and nourishing afternoon full of tips and tools to help you really move forward in life.

You will leave feeling clear on what the next steps are for you in your own life as well as feeling motivated to take the actions required and supported.

All materials will be provided for you, unless you would love to bring your own magazines or images that speak to you as there will be some creative mood board work involved too.


This gorgeous soul nurturing event will be taking place in the beautiful coastal village of Alnmouth at my home. I create a safe nurturing environment for up to a maximum of five women so that even if you are feeling anxious about attending, you will instantly feel relaxed and at ease. I promise you that. x

This is the perfect chance to indulge in some real self care and make a day or weekend of it and include a walk on the beach and maybe lunch at one of the lovely cafes here.

Alnmouth beach


Tea/Coffee/Herbal Drinks and homemade cake will be provided during the afternoon.


‘Perfect location and fab content. I was feeling stuck. nervous and unsure before and now feel positive and hopeful knowing I can do this. Sarah provides a reflective and protected environment. Its given me time to reflect, reconnect and focus on a way forward’ – Karen

‘I love doing the Heart Mapping process, its fantastic. I always feel empowered and focused after no matter what I was feeling before’ – Sam

‘Heart Mapping really helps me tune into how I want to feel and what I need to do to make it happen’ – Donna

‘‘A few weeks after the Heart mapping session Im feeling great! This process really works. Little bit little, really does become a lot. Thank you for being such a tower of strength for me’- Katie

‘Loved spending time with like minded women and finding out tools to continue my self discovery and self development. Loved creating my heart mapping board too! It was fun, useful and creative. Im feeling energised! Thank you for sharing such a life changing technique with me, I know it will help me continue to make little changes in the right direction’ – Angela

‘The support of you and being in a group with other women feeling understood is so powerful, love Heart Mapping every time I do it’ – Ann

‘Heart mapping helps me focus on how I want to feel in my life moving forward, and stay focused on where Im going. When I am mindful of how want to feel, naturally start to feel more of this in life’ – Leanne

‘Taking time out to do Heart Mapping with Sarah is an important part of my self care routine. It helps me check in with myself, my thoughts and feelings and look forward to ways to change things. I could do it on my own, but I dont, and it would never be as nurturing, supportive and safe as it is with Sarah and her tribe’ – Julia


Make the choice to take a chance, or your life will never change. I know it can feel scary taking a chance on something new, but when we invest time and energy into ourselves. thats when life can truly change for you. x

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Sarah x