I’m Sarah and I  am a Confidence Coach and its my passion to help women develop their confidence and self esteem. I can help you to face your fears, to discover your true authentic self and feel a genuine happiness that enables you to love your life now but also the ability to begin to create the life you desire if you are not currently living it.

Do you feel like you could be so much more as a  person but not sure where or how to start? Do the endless demands on your time and energy somehow stop you from thinking about yourself, your hopes and your dreams?

I remember not knowing who I truly was. I craved to create a life that would light my soul on fire. My life has changed from one of unhappiness and fear to a life that resonates with me in every way, to feeling truly authentic and to loving the life I have created. You deserve to love your life, to love yourself and to feel that life is wonderful and amazing and I can show you how.

Imagine living a life where you feel happiness, peace, contentment and joy each and every day, where you feel radiant, alive and full of passion and purpose .




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Feel free to search through the blog posts I’ve put up over the last few years, hope you find them useful.

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‘Awaken the Woman Within’ Transformational Retreat – April 2019

‘Awaken the Woman Within’ Three Day Retreat – Friday 19th April  – Sunday 21st April  2019 This three day Creative and Soul Searching retreat at my simple home, Sunnyside Cottage in the beautiful coastal location of Alnmouth will be transformational. Three full days to immerse yourself, away from all distractions into a beautiful journey of Read More


From overwhelm to balance! – Heart Mapping Mini Retreat 29/11/2018

‘Heart Mapping’ at beautiful Alnmouth on Thursday 18th October 2018 from 10am – 2.30pm – A mini retreat just for you! Feeling frustrated and stuck in life which leads to a cycle of self criticism? Let the unique Heart Mapping process show you how to FEEL clear, centred and focused moving you forward little by Read More