Awaken Woman Within Taster Course

Awaken Woman Within Taster Course


Awaken Woman Within Taster Course



Awaken the Woman Within – Mini Retreat/Taster Session – Tuesday 5th June:

This is for you if:

  • You are feeling like you’ve lost a sense of who you really are.
  • You are surviving through life but yearn for something more
  • You are trying to keep everyone else happy at the cost of yourself.
  • You maybe feel trapped in a life that doesn’t truly resonate with you, or doing things that just aren’t right for you.
  • You fall into criticising yourself.
  • You feel guilty when you give yourself self care as there are so many other things to do and people to look after.
  • You are ready for change!
  • This mini retreat day explores the real reason we do all of the above and is designed to help you begin to identify the seven ways we deny ourselves as women and help you start the process of making YOU an absolute priority in your life.

Confidence, self esteem and self love is at the heart of life we love. It means we know we are worthy of happiness, love and joy and that we can begin to soar through life.

Throughout the day, you will begin to become aware of:-

  • your self talk,
  • learn how to begin to change your mindset
  • and also tune into your own intuition and heart.

Its a creative day designed to help you understand the power of awakening the woman within…..the authentic woman often hidden under protective layers.

At the end of the taster session, there will be an exclusive offer/discount available to you to take the FULL online ‘Awaken the woman within’ year long course if you desire.

Are you ready to be open and curious. Its not about change. Change implies you are not enough exactly as you are. Its about rediscovering who you really are and confidently becoming all that YOU are. x

Invest in YOU and change your life forever.
The investment cost to attend is £70
Click on the Paypal link at the top of the page to book your space.

(Includes all materials, refreshments and delicious homemade lunch and cake!)
PLEASE NOTE: There are a maximum of five spaces available as this is held at my home in Alnmouth and as the work is soul searching, I like to create a safe, nurturing environment)

Sarah x