Courage to Be You Bespoke 1 to 1 Coaching Upgrade

Courage to Be You Bespoke 1 to 1 Coaching Upgrade




Fast track your self development with bespoke 1 to 1 coaching


I remember feeling very skeptical and fearful around investing the time, energy and money in this program especially one to one. 

Ultimately though, the Courage to Be You program gave me the courage and strength to make life -changing decisions so I could finally live from a place of joy and peace.

I felt anxious and pessimistic before and yet Sarah gave me the tools to support developing a positive mindset whilst honouring all my feelings. I finally understand the ways I was sabotaging myself in life and holding myself back.

With Sarah’s unwavering support, I created a clear vision of what I truly wanted under all the conditioning and other people’s expectations.

I now run my own successful business inspiring and empowering other women and this could never have happened without this program as my self-esteem and self-belief was shattered, and I lived in doubt and fear. I now live a life I love, have a relationship I dreamt of, and am living in line with my purpose giving my life real meaning. I will always be forever thankful to Sarah for this life-changing program. and for investing in myself and my future’