Courage To Dream 21 Day Course

Courage To Dream 21 Day Course



COURAGE TO DREAM Gentle but Powerful Coaching course for 21days of  January,

21 daily letters helping you not only find the courage to dream, but also to understand how to make those dreams your reality too.
Most importantly from a place of ease, joy and trust, not control, pushing and striving.

Starting on January 10th, which not only includes a letter from me every day in your inbox with journal prompts, affirmation for the day and a simple coaching exercise to do, you also will receive some amazing bonuses (listed below)


  • Feeling lost and stuck and yet desire to create a vision for 2022 and your future.
  • You have whispers of dreams and yet always feel your needs get pushed aside in the busyness of day to day life.
  • You are unclear what manifesting is and how it’s done
  • You struggle to let go and trust the universe
  • You feel anxious, overthink or doubt yourself constantly, but know there must be a different way of living
  • You deeply desire to focus on making your dreams a reality.

LET ME BE YOUR COACH, YOUR GUIDE AND YOUR MENTOR for 21 days. I will share methods that I have used for years to guarantee to CLARITY, CONFIDENCE and COURAGE.

You will get the support, love and inspiration you need to create an amazing start to 2022, honour your own dreams and learn how to make this your reality.


Starting from January 10th, you will receive a daily email letter from myself on uncovering your dreams and how to make this your reality.

Every lesson builds on the last so over a month you feel clear, confident and courageous. Not only that, you will receive some beautiful bonuses from myself to ensure you start 2022 the way you desire.

Bonus 1 Courageous New Beginnings downloadable workbook for your deep dive in honouring the gifts of 2021 and creating a strong vision for your future in 2022

Bonus 2 – Access to my closed Facebook community – Courageous Dreamers for the whole month of January. I regularly go live for coaching chats and there is a host of inspiration and motivation in there (Priceless)

Bonus 3 – Throughout the 21 days, I will be gifting you downloadable workbooks on Self Care, Affirmations, Intention setting, Meditation, Gratitude and Journaling, This will not only set you up for this next year, but also for life! (Valued at £15 each)

Bonus 4 – Invite and access to a special and exclusive TWO hour group coaching call on Monday 31st January from 1pm – 3pm to help motivate and inspire you to stay focused in yourself and your dreams. 
(Valued at £150)


Feedback from this 21 day course:

‘I have loved the whole process and content, 10/10 for value and accountability. I will be doing this every year! with you!’ – Steph 

‘Loved your 21 day course, it was gentle steps ever day in connecting to my dreams and ensuring I take action. I will do this process again and again!’ – Anna 

‘Your 21 day email course had such valuable tools, inspiration and exercises that have helped me connect to my dreams now and for my future. Your bonus call gave me even more insights and shifts. I now have so much clarity which would not have been possible without this’ – Sylvie 

‘You 21 day course has given me focus, helped me stay clear on my aims and soul goals for the year ahead. So grateful for this which has helped me take charge of me, my dreams and my future’ – Sue 

Do this for you, the 2022 you desire to create, and your future.

With Love and Courage