From Cult Survivor To Self Discovery Thriver

From Cult Survivor To Self Discovery Thriver




Seven week course moving you from lost, hurt, fearful and anxious to confident, at peace and empowered.

Week One – Challenging your thoughts and beliefs and dealing with negative emotions

Week Two – Accepting disappointments and turning wounds into wisdom

Week Three – Connecting back to the real YOU under the layers of protection

Week Four – Building your self esteem, self worth and confidence

Week Five – How to set boundaries, say No and stop the cycle of people pleasing

Week Six – Forgiveness of others and facing your fears

Week Seven – How to create and maintain a life you love and feel empowered moving forward

Simply click on the paypal link to sign up and pay and you will receive an email from you inviting you to join the Closed Facebook Group.

Weekly video and downloadable PDF with LIVE group sessions too. I will support you fully for seven weeks.

We start Monday October 1st.

Sarah x