From struggle and overwhelm to feeling more balanced and supported!

Join the Self Discovery Sisterhood and start to FEEL GOOD! 
Helping you consistently ingrain the CORE HABITS that make all the difference
and giving you monthly Self Discovery teachings to help you awaken to who you truly are!

What YOU will gain from joining:

  • Receive a daily dose of inspiration or reminder of gratitude and self care – the two key foundational elements of blossoming into our potential as women
  • Support and Connection from like minded women who get this Self Discovery journey instead of feeling lonely or misunderstood.
  • Monthly LIVE Group Coaching calls on the issues that matter the most, to help you move from feeling lost, stuck to clear and confident.
  • Lightbulb moments and journal prompts
  • Quarterly LIVE meditations
  • Gifted extras throughout the year

Some of the comments and feedback from women in the tribe:-

‘This group makes me feel so supported as I’m having such a challenging time currently. Thank you so much, loving the little steps’ 

Since joining the tribe,  I have noticed my awareness coming back…..realising who I am, what I wouldn’t put up with, and my strength is slowly coming to the front of my mind….almost like I haven’t been seeing clearly, like a fog has surrounded me for a very long time. Thank you Sarah for this journey’

‘Focusing on the habits monthly, I have felt so much calmer. Loved the gratitude one, even if on a day when I think I’m going to struggle to think of things I’m grateful for, afterwards I’m much more positive and really feel happier and more content’

‘This group and gentle steps are helping me so much already. Im finding more out about me every day, I thought I had lost myself. Thank you so much’

Would you like to join us?

Only £1 for your first month

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

After your first month it will be £10 every month after that.

You can cancel anytime.

Disclaimer! This is for Women only. This group is designed for support and accountability with some foundational coaching from me every month. If you want more advanced coaching please see my website ( for one to one coaching, workshops, retreats and online coaching.