Seven Deadly Sins We Make As Women

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How does it work?

This is a self study reflective and powerful course from the comfort of your own home.

When you sign up, over the course of twelve months, you will receive a weekly video and PDF to work through in a unique membership area of my website. You will be given tools each week, by a weekly video which step by step over the course of a will help you gently change your mindset, challenge your beliefs, connect deeply within and begin to FEEL like you have the inner strength and confidence to deal with anything that comes your way as you feel more confident in exactly who you are and what you really want in life. This leads to an exciting, happy, fulfilled balanced soul nurturing life.

Just 30minutes on average weekly over the course of a year will change your life forever. Its a ten minute video to watch every week and a PDF included each week to download, complete and reflect on with little self care intentions along the way.


You also have the extra bonus of being part of my Self Discovery Tribe for free (usually £10 monthly). This Facebook closed group is full of like minded women for support and connection and also we focus every month on a new routine or ritual we can bring into our life.

ALSO INCLUDED is access to ‘Heart Mapping’ Live which is a monthly online self care/coaching session which takes place on the last Thursday of every month. Designed to help you focus for the coming month ahead and shift your energy and attention to how you wish to feel and how to make that happen. (Usually priced at £25 per session)

I also include weekly email access to myself, so that if there are parts of the course you want to discuss or go through, you can have the facility to contact me via email. (Please note, I will reply and respond as soon as possible to an email within a 48hour period)

YOU GET THESE FREE every month included within your membership cost.

How much does this cost?

Think of this as similar to a gym membership where you are committed to making a big difference to you.
However, instead of investing on external results or spending the money on a new outfit each month, you are investing on changing your mindset, your beliefs, your feelings.

This is an investment that lasts forever and will change everything. Instead of fleeting moments of happiness. you spend it on something that will radically change your life!

The normal price for my Awaken the Woman Within course is £540 for the year, which works out at £45 per month. You will have full access to a life transforming coaching package which will change your life forever. This course will save you time, money and energy as I've done all the work for you!

Just reflect for one minute – Will you be happy with you and your life one year from now if nothing changes? A year from now, you will wish you had started today.

Reflect – what if you knew one year from now you could be loving a joyous, fulfilled life with a deep connection to self and feeling confident and happy. What would that open up for you?

Really think about how this could look and feel for you.

What do I do to join?

Sign up via this link and you will have immediate access to your first weeks video and PDF where I will be sharing one of the deadly traps we fall into and how we can begin to change things.

Save even more by paying annually! only £397

Does this work?

Yes! I have been through this journey of self discovery myself where I have healed, rediscovered who I really was, gained clarity, confidence and courage and truly feel I have awakened to my full potential. My life is unrecognisable to how it used to feel and I love my life with a passion despite so many challenges I have had over the years. I now feel calm, centred and at peace with myself and the process of life.
This course helps you take one step at a time and move from feeling lost and stuck to each week gaining more clarity on who you really are under the labels and limiting thoughts. Its a gentle process where you are guided through every step you need to take. You dont need to worry how or where to start, just sign up and begin watching the weekly videos and work through the relating PDF for that week, action the baby steps required and watch your life begin to transform.

Taking full responsibility for my own life and how I feel has radically transformed my relationship with my children, and brought to me the relationships I was yearning for, soul sisters and a wonderful soul partner.

This coaching membership is the most thorough process you will go through. Read some of the amazing testimonials below from women that have gone through this powerful ‘Awaken the woman within’ coaching program.

I was in a tired, disrespectful, at times abusive relationship. I wanted out. But no amount of motivational quotes alone made me brave enough. I didn’t know how to end it. Until by chance I heard Sarah give a little presentation. I covered my emotions that day listening to her by telling everyone I had really bad hayfever. My eyes kept leaking! Working with Sarah has given me the inner strength to say enough is enough. I matter now. It wasn’t easy, nor did it happen overnight, but it happened. Really, this is true life. It happened. And this isn’t just about saying she can help with relationships, because really, what she’s changed is me.

So anyone waivering or wondering if it’s worth a punt – go for it! Sarah’s online soul coaching meant I started this year full of excitement not dread. It means I value the family times we share, but I also relish my time alone. I take care of me, because I deserve to be taken care of.
I am grateful everyday for that meeting and doing this course.
Do it! Do it now….– Sam

When I first came across Sarah I was feeling disconnected and lost in life. Through her coaching I began to peel back the layers I had built around me over the previous ten years of my life, Once I reconnected with who I was, I understood that I needed to make some big changes in my life. Sarah has never left my side throughout. The biggest change felt like I was jumping off a cliff, not knowing what was waiting the other side, yet I did it, Sarah always has made me feel Im never alone. She has taught me a whole new perspective on life. Through her guidance, I feel like Im living life on a completely different level. Im living rather than existing. My whole life has opened up before me and for the first time ever. feels incredibly exciting. Sarah is one of the most important people Ive ever met, the work she does is transformative. Thank you Sarah for bringing me back to life’Lea

Over the years despite living on the beautiful island of Mallorca, with a home and small family of my own, I experienced a constant feeling of emptiness inside myself.
I slowly and gradually lost my identity, in my career as a teacher; with the absence of strong support from people I grew up with, and loved, in my home Sydney, Australia; and my life as a thriving person, in particular.
My way of dealing with the world, was to slowly become dependent on alcohol, as a coping mechanism. Eventually, my relationships with everyone became weaker, and my marriage of 25 years ended.

This pain continued when I was given a one way ticket to Barcelona, and left to survive the storm on my own.
When I moved to Edinburgh, where my only daughter was starting her own new University life, I was homeless and even more unstable.
After many falls, still fuelled by my need for alcohol, life took a positive turn.
A magic journey of 1 year in therapy, lead me on a more spiritual path.
I continued this journey when I was made aware of Sarah Seed.
Through the online personal development programme, I was able to delve deeper into learning even more about myself.

The whole process is step by step, and designed to build upon previous sessions.
I have gained in learning the essential art of self- care, and how taking care of your mind, body and spirit, can strengthen you towards a life that is happy and fulfilling. You learn and trust to believe in yourself and be in control and responsible for the quality of your life.
You gain from becoming more empowered in your own life, step by step. There is a pace to the programme that works for me, because there is no rush. Just a committment to becoming the best person you deserve to be.
Sarah is always there for everyone , with her support, guidance, and weekly doses of inspiration.
I love Sarah’s passion. It truly is contagious!Angie

Im almost quarter way through the Awaken the Woman online program and its impacting me and changing my life massively. I’d want all women suffering from anxiety/mild depression to take up this course that’s how valuable I’m finding it. It’s very powerful yet gentle and graceful.
Im finally understanding myself deeply. I really admire the ‘gentle’ approach in this self care program too and how you come across caringly all the time. It’s really heart warming, gentle, nurturing and I always feel relaxed after listening to your videos. They totally relate to a lot of parts to my life. Im learning so much about myself every single week and can see real shifts happening. I deeply appreciate the email contact with Sarah too as feel like Im journaling a friend and receiving so much support’Harinder

Save even more by paying annually! only £397