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The beginning of your beautiful journey of self discovery

♥ Why Self discovery is the beginning of a beautiful journey As women we can often find ourselves constantly exhausted, overwhelmed and run down looking after everyone else’s needs and not our own. Often, this leads to resentment and unhappiness. We can feel like we have lost ourselves and our own identity and this is especially Read More

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Facing fears and moving through Comfort Zones

♥ Facing fears and moving through Comfort Zones  ‘Outside the comfort zone is where the magic happens’   Understanding the magnitude of this quote will completely change your life. It has changed mine in more ways than I ever would have contemplated.  Every time I have been almost paralysed with fear,  yet faced it, life has opened Read More

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The art of slowing down and taking time out for your own needs and self care

Are you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted? ♥ It is too easy to feel overwhelmed with life and the constant demands on our time and energy. If we have children, at times, the incessant demands of raising, guiding and helping them through life can feel exhausting. If our children have grown up, we could be looking after Grandchildren and giving of ourselves constantly to Read More

What can Gratitude do for me_It gives

Why Gratitude Journaling can make you happier and how to start

The Gift of Gratitude Gratitude is one of the sweetest shortcuts to finding peace of mind and happiness inside. No matter what is going on around us, there is always so much to be grateful for. If we live in gratitude every day, there is a calmness and peace to our lives that nothing else Read More

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January – the start of YOUR new year of discovery and dreams

January – the start of a beautiful new Year January is the month of new beginnings and beautiful memories waiting to be created. Its is the month which is full of promise for the new year ahead. Its is a time to reflect on our life lessons from the previous year, celebrate our accomplishments and also Read More

The soul always knows what to do to heal

How Solitude inspires Creativity and is good for the soul

♥ Solitude can heal our soul For years I have had a love of traveling and discovering new places, I sometimes wonder if I have a little gypsy soul in me as I love to wander, explore, discover and explore and believe that it has helped me in so many ways too. That’s why I’m Read More

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Creative Journaling and how it can really help you

♥ What is Creative Journaling? Creative Journaling is a process of recording our innermost thoughts, hopes, fears and desires. As we start to get those thoughts on paper, our mind becomes clear and the incessant chatter that seems to be in our brains constantly as a woman starts to ease.