8 Steps to Out Talk your Negativity

If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place. Out talk your negativity and watch your life begin to change. Our world is a reflection of our thoughts. If we begin to improve our thoughts, we naturally will begin to improve our life. Its scientifically proven that our thoughts and Read More

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‘Ultimate Self care Boot Camp’ Weekend Retreat

A weekend retreat for YOU – May 13th – 15th 2016 This beautiful weekend retreat will restore mind, body and spirit. Set in the beautiful retreat centre surrounded by nature in Appleby, Cumbria this will be a gorgeous heart centred weekend for YOU to rest, renew and revive and will be lots of creative fun Read More

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Six Ways to Feel Good and bring more happiness into our life

♥ The Importance of Feeling Good One of the biggest realisations I have had especially after watching the incredible film The Secret and reading the book too, was that FEELING GOOD is essential to changing our life and bringing more of what we want into it. If we feel good, we raise our energy and vibration Read More

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Rediscover YOU – Develop your self esteem Day Retreat

Are you struggling with confidence in yourself and your abilities to deal with life’s challenges. How comfortable are you being YOU and how worthy do you feel of happiness and success? Does the following sound like how you currently feel? Lack of motivation Unhappy or negative reoccurring thoughts Lack of confidence Wondering who you have Read More

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How Wayne Dyer’s words of wisdom impacted on my life

This morning I received a message from a friend telling me of Wayne Dyer passing away. It left me reeling in shock and feeling devastated as his words have impacted on my life so much and I have always felt like he gave me the fatherly advice and wisdom I wish I could receive from my Read More

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The beginning of your beautiful journey of self discovery

♥ Why Self discovery is the beginning of a beautiful journey As women we can often find ourselves constantly exhausted, overwhelmed and run down looking after everyone else’s needs and not our own. Often, this leads to resentment and unhappiness. We can feel like we have lost ourselves and our own identity and this is especially Read More


Re-discover what makes YOU happy

♥ Re-discover what makes YOU truly happy How do we find out who we really are, what we really want and what makes us truly happy? You will know if you are not feeling as happy as you could be and if your life doesn’t feel as good as it should when you feel like you Read More

Affirmation for Self Esteem

The magic of Affirmations

♥  Why Affirmations are magical Affirmations are magical. They are such a powerful way of replacing the ‘mind monkeys’ or the negative chatterbox that often creates unhappiness and lack of confidence and low self esteem within ourselves. They are a form of positive self talk that transmit the key message to our inner self that we are Read More

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‘Living in Abundance’ Day retreat

♥ Do you desire a life full of abundance in all areas? Is life currently stressful and overwhelming? Are you feeling tired, stressed, confused about what you really want in life, or maybe unsure about how to go about following your dreams? Are you struggling to keep the momentum going every day as an abundant, Read More

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‘Own your life and feel confident’ Day Retreat

♥ Are you truly owning the life you have? Do you feel confident in all areas of life? How would it feel it you were confident and excited about your life each and every day? Do you currently feel like a lack of confidence is holding you back in work, relationships and life in general? Read More