Ready to release the Me Guilt for good, Reclaim you and Re-ignite your own life?

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Some testimonials from women who have completed the ‘Courage to Be You’ Program which has enabled them to do the above:

Testimonials from Courage to Be You Program


‘Before working with Sarah, I was in a position of repeating the same cycles again and again, struggling in work/business and never feeling enough.
Through ‘Courage to Be You’ program, I now understand how essential self belief and self esteem is to succeed.
You just have to know yourself really well and accept all that you are.
I had done elements of self development and self awareness myself but there were some walls that I couldn’t begin to know how to take down.
I’m now actively excited about who I am, I fight for myself now and value the woman I am, used to be, and who I am becoming.
The program itself is so much better than therapy in my experience.
It’s a gentle guide that allows you to come to your own conclusions in your own time.
I know it’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I cant recommend it highly enough.
For the first time ever, I really believe I am going to be able to live the life I’ve only dreamt about!’

Meet Moira, from lost, stuck and low self esteem to confident, self loving and free spirited

Before doing this program I really struggled to know who I was and my self-esteem virtually didn’t exist. I was paranoid what people were thinking of me and my size. Total Me Guilt!

I took a lot of things personally even though weren’t aimed at me. I felt everybody was better than me, I didn’t believe in myself and felt I was not good at anything. I was in a dark place and my emotions were so low.

Before doing this, I looked at many things on line but never felt committed to them. I bought self-help books, started them and would never maintain them.

There was no support from anybody for you to keep going and talk things through and the books just lay there.

The ‘Courage to be You’ program is something every woman should do.It is funny now at the way I look at other women thinking how much they need to do this course. I look at them and think I was at that place before and if it hadn’t been for it I wouldn’t be able to cope to my life and would be stuck in a place I wasn’t happy.

Thank you Sarah for the work she has put together to move me and other ladies on. Through her encouragement she has moved me outside my own comfort zones and lead me to having the courage to be who I REALLY AM!


‘Before meeting Sarah, I felt deeply lost and just didn’t know where my life was supposed to head and was in desperate need of self care as I was caring for my mum at home and taking care of the needs in the family and yet felt Me Guilt for wanting more for myself. 

I had tried counselling and Reiki which helped to an extent but still didn’t bring all my issues to the surface and how I was supposed to tackle it.

I needed something speaking to me on daily/weekly basis to eliminate all these neglecting feelings I had of myself after giving so much of myself to others…

The step by step videos that Sarah does on the course is very much based on real life problems that women face and she’s brought together an amazing way to understand the seven ways we create Me Guilt and how to change this too. 

The ‘Courage to be You’ program has seriously made me understand authenticity and how important it is to be yourself. This is what I’ve always lacked. I actually never thought something like this would be available and it just spoke directly to my soul.

It’s brought to me so much awareness, clarity and courage to things I probably wouldn’t have thought about.

I couldn’t thank her enough, it literally has been LIFE CHANGING. 

My deepest thanks Sarah’ .


‘I felt stuck for many years and although I knew I needed to make changes I deceived myself for a long time by being distracted with the busyness of day-to-day to life.

I stayed with the familiar for fifteen years. Constantly trying to be perfect for everyone else, living up to the expectations as a mum, wife and in the corporate world. This led to my mind and body being battered and exhausted. I was in constant survival mode, pretending all was fine.

It took the Courage to Be You program to break the cycle.

Within weeks of signing up to the program, I could identify why I was doing what I was doing, especially around being controlled in a relationship.

I realised how much of my life I had wasted by not understanding these things. I have spent time, money and energy on things that never showed me what the Courage to Be You program has.

This program helped me ditch the guilt, know who I really was and start to ask myself – ‘What do I want?’ I am now feeling strong within myself, and have learnt to love and respect myself and ended a very toxic relationship too’

Meet Lea, form lost stuck and overwhelmed to clear confident and courageous

‘I remember feeling very skeptical and fearful around investing the time, energy and money in this program.

Ultimately though, the Courage to Be You program gave me the courage and strength to make life -changing decisions so I could finally live from a place of joy and peace.

I felt anxious and pessimistic before and yet Sarah gave me the tools to support developing a positive mindset whilst honouring all my feelings. I finally understand the ways I was sabotaging myself in life and holding myself back.

With Sarah’s support, I created a clear vision of what I truly wanted under all the conditioning and other people’s expectations.

I now run my own successful business inspiring and empowering other women and this could never have happened without this program as my self-esteem and self-belief was shattered, and I lived in doubt and fear. I now live a life I love, have a relationship I dreamt of, and am living in line with my purpose giving my life real meaning. I will always be forever thankful to Sarah for this life-changing program.’


‘I felt physically, mentally and spiritually tired when I first came across Sarah’s work. I craved for the woman I used to be, but she seemed long gone.

I wondered if I would have the energy for the Courage to Be You program, but Sarah takes you through the process with baby steps.

At the end of it, I found the real me and also had the courage to be her. She had been waiting in the wings for so long and Sarah brought her out to be centre stage. Sarah is an earth angel. She is not only giving you an amazing program, she gives you your life back and makes you remember who you really are’

Sarah Hayton

2020 hit me hard. I was just surviving as a single Mum juggling home schooling and working from home. I felt like I was drowning every day, and spent a lot of time crying.

Normally, I would have been able to distract myself with going out, having fun, socialising but I was forced to look at myself which is exactly what I needed to do.

Investing in the Courage to Be you program is the single best decision I have made for myself in a very long time.

I now can actually say I enjoy my own company, which I never did before. I hardly every cry now unless its a good movie and I have become a peaceful more present Mum to my son.

I am confident being me now, and have gained so much clarity about what I want and am worthy of in relationship, in my work and life in general.

Honestly, I cannot recommend Sarah or this program highly enough.

Lynn Johnston

I started the ‘courage to be you’ program last year and have been blown away by it.
The program structure has allowed me to take each step in my stride, and I have discovered myself more and more.

Most importantly my understanding of why I have felt how I did, and how I can change this for a better future.

I am currently in the process of moving to a new town, a fresh start for me and my son.
Because of the Courage to Be You program, I have finally got my act together, and taken the leap to a better future for us both.

I have also started studying psychology with the Open University too, so I really am looking forward to the future now, and bettering myself as a result of your work.

I owe you so much, I would never of done any of this on my own.
I was so stuck and lost, and felt I was unable to improve or change my life for the better.
I feel brighter and content with where I am, and most importantly, where I am heading in life.

Julia Clay

Sarah is a gentle yet motivational Coach, with added sparkle!
She is inspiring, full of positivity yet empathic energy.

She is real, and her message and work is credible because she has lived it.

She is authentic, passionate and desires other women to move into their true full self.

Working through the Courage to Be You program is proving invaluable in re-discovering myself, my values and my dreams.
Yes, there is the initial financial outlay, and the commitment you have to make to yourself, but the course and all the extra bonuses Sarah gifts us are worth it!

Being able to join virtual group calls & connect via her Facebook community is enriching.
A year on, my work with Sarah is invaluable. I have made so much progress, internally and externally which is also evident to others.

I am motivated, committed to my own self development and now realise the importance of Self Investment and feel grateful I have done so.
I am excited to continue this journey and what it might lead to.

I will be forever grateful to Sarah and her work, born from the hard worn path she followed and courageously turned into something incredible.
Thank you Sarah!

Steph Holland
Meet Steph, from feeling lost, lonely and disconnected to confident, purposeful and deeply connected to her true self and the universe

Sarah’s work has without a doubt changed me and my life.

Her intuition, power and knowledge is exceptional.

I stand strong in who I am because of Sarahs’ gifts and blessings. The road has not been an easy one at times. but I know it has been worth it.

Sarah just continually shows up, I have felt truly supported throughout and she helped me realise I was never alone.

I know now I am worthy of all my heart desires, that all my dreams matter and to go after them, with purpose, joy, passion and commitment.

To be living in alignment with who I am am and why I am here, knowing my true purpose and following the pathway of it is amazing.

Her online programs has helped me know who I am, what I want and given me crystal clear intentions of how I want my future to look, a pathway to get there, and I have already achieved reaching my hopes and aspirations with more clarity, confidence and courage.

I’m at a place within myself where I know achieving amazing things are absolutely possible as a sensitive soul, and to know myself on such a level of high self esteem is the biggest gift I can give myself

Thank you so much

Meet Sue, who shares the three most transformational things that
have happened in her life through doing Courage To Be You

‘I came across Sarah’s work at a time that I was exhausted and emotionally wiped out by some big life changes. I felt resentment and like I would never be able to have even a part of a life of my own.

It took me a long time to justify spending the money on the Courage to Be You program. I knew I could make the time for it. I had done parenting courses and other on-line courses, but would it make a difference? What would it change for me?

I knew another mum who was doing the course, I could see how her self esteem and positivity were changing and I wanted that. I didn’t want to stay stuck. I committed to the program. The work came monthly in manageable chunks, each module building on the last, and helping me to remember who I am. I saw so much improvement in the first 3 months alone, I was shifting my expectations and focus. I was thinking about me, and about what I wanted for the first time in many years. I was looking at more than just the immediate chaos around me.

I am deeply grateful to Sarah, for providing the support that she does during her programs, and through the encouraging and amazing ‘Women of Courage’ Facebook group. ’

‘I have learnt and grown so much, from the Courage To Be You course.
It took a long time to invest in myself, as a single parent on a low income, but I am so glad I did.
Last year was difficult, 3 teenagers in the house, all struggling after lockdown.
I was tired, worn out & considering giving up my ‘early-stage’ business. I could not see a clear way forward, my self-discipline, confidence, self-esteem & motivation had gone.
At 54 years of age, I felt my time was running out, & my dreams were fading … it was a last ditch attempt to build the life I dreamt of.
Not only am I incredibly grateful to Sarah for building the CTBY course, but I am also proud of myself; for my commitment to do this ‘self-work’, even when life has thrown many curveballs.
No longer will I apologise for being myself, I now see my worth & have built a strong foundation of core beliefs to live from. I have achieved several milestones in a year with my business (new van, website rebuilt, new workshop coming & I’ve been on a fab holiday).
I now have boundaries in place to protect myself, which has been life changing (as survivor of childhood abuse. I am stronger, more focused & have learnt to trust my intuition & the universe.
I have stepped back from trying to control my teenagers giving them the space and trust, to learn from their own decisions, which has led to less conflict in the home.
I now practice radical self-care & incorporate things into my life that bring JOY.
I feel connected to my authentic, creative self, I have let go of the burdensome guilt that I have carried for years, particularly around my children.
I am accepting that some of my deep, long-held & outdated beliefs, are not true. I am forgiving myself, letting them go …& replacing them with my truth, my values.
My life is lighter, brighter & getting wider – which for me, as a relatively quiet
highly sensitive, is a blessing (I’m Aspergers).
I now feel that people genuinely like me, want me in their lives, and value me …they can see that I’m coming ‘out of my shell’ which is huge for me as someone who used to sidestep the tricky stuff.
I am finally stepping up and l love it! Thank you so much Sarah. Deep gratitude’
Kate ❤

The ‘Courage to Be You’ program can be done via a seven month 1:1 Zoom sessions or the seven month Courage to Be You online program.

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