Some of the testimonials from women who have been coached by Sarah

IMG_4107‘Thank you so much Sarah for the amazing six week coaching process. It came to me at the perfect time to get to know myself and what I really want. You have been a wonderful shining light and am now looking forward to the future with confidence. I have really treasured the time being able to have your insight and passion for life driving me forward. I feel skilled in using the tools to cope with.

~ Paula – Guisborough, England


‘Such a huge thank you for all of your help and support, I have done the six week coaching process and attended several day retreats and workshops that you have done.When I first met you I was feeling lost and did not know what direction life was taking me . I felt extremely low in confidence and had some health issues going on at the same time. Your coaching and retreat program has more than met my expectations. I have now gained more self confidence, clarity and now have a clear vision of how I want my life to be and I have set my self clear concise goals to keep my self on track. You have given me so many tips on how to overcome my fears and challenges and realise my personal strengths and abilities of which I had forgotten about. Also you helped so much with setting boundaries with people of which I had not been doing l always found it difficult to say “no “I would most definitely recommend you to others, I have had some truly amazing days during the retreat days and have met some absolutely fantastic lovely ladies who have been in similar positions to myself and I can honestly say that following these retreats I am feeling so much positive about my life and truly inspired by you.Following the day retreats it is great that your support is continued by inviting ladies to join a closed facebook page , where we can share concerns , ask for advice and each day we get a reminder from yourself to keep us on track and updates on future workshops. You truly are an amazing lady of whom I am so pleased I got to know, keep shining Sarah

~ Bev – Durham, England

Helen take 2

‘Thank you Thank you Thank you for helping me realise my true self, helping me balance my life, empowering me, being part of this journey with me and for all the fun along the way too. The six week coaching process was amazing. I already felt spiritually connected but felt something was missing and I now will live this way forever. Your ‘Dream Planning’ workshop too was amazing. I learnt so much in terms of whats stopping me and how I can move forward with my life with confidence, clarity and fierce determination You are an inspiration’

~ Helen – Durham, England


‘I can honestly say my life has improved 100% as a result of attending the day retreats I have attended. Every single program has helped me discover who I am, who I want to be, and what is stopping me from living my purpose. As a result of the activities and tools that Sarah has given me, I have been able to work on myself, (without heaping blame on myself), which has helped me develop confidence, helped me gain clarity at work and at home, but most of all, I am loving life. I won’t say, its been easy. The mirror work is intense and uncomfortable but the rewards so outweigh that one moment. Even if you think you know about the Law of Attraction and finding and living your purpose, if you are struggling, I would highly recommend working with Sarah to help you realise the power within. She is a friendly, lovely coach who helps empower you to be the best you can’

~ Nicola – Darlington, England


I found Sarah by chance in December 2015 and she had just done the confidence course – part 1, so I promised myself that if it came up again I would attend. At that time I was tired…physically, mentally and spiritually with life and what had been thrown at me over the years. I craved for the girl I used to be…all confident and self assured but she seemed long gone and I was lost in the shell that was left.

In January 2016 I noticed Sarah was doing the course again and I plucked up the courage to email her and enquire, again I promised myself that if there was a space I would attend. Well, there was one space left which ended up being mine and I completed ‘Awaken the woman within’ program. The 3 part course is well structured and easy to follow, there are practical sessions and lots of cake!
I won’t lie, there has been tears but also laughter and lots of it, plus I’ve learnt to have fun again which is something I’d forgotten how to do. But this is a journey of self discovery and Sarah takes you through it with baby steps, you will change and so will the people around you. I didn’t find the old me, what I found was the REAL me, the me that has been waiting in the wings to be found for so long and Sarah brought her out to be centre stage. I have called Sarah Seed an earth angel because she’s not just running a course, she is giving you your life back and makes you see YOU for who you really are…

~ Sharon – Stockton


Reflections on Sarah Seed’s “Awaken the Woman Within” program

Do you know the arcade game ‘tipping point’? When you drop a penny (at least that’s what it was in my day!) into a machine and it goes onto a shelf and, if you’re lucky, pushes a lot of other pennies off – which you win. Well that’s what this course did for me.
It has been a few weeks since I enjoyed this course and I’m still ‘collecting’ and discovering new things about myself. By metaphorically dropping my penny in I made myself open to the Universe, and it has responded in ways I could not have imagined. As someone who has been doing a lot of self-development in the past 10 years there was a little worry that I might have already ‘been there’ but as I believe you can always learn more and go deeper I decided to go for it. To be honest in some ways it was rather self-affirming to realize I was further down the path than some of the other ladies – without judging them at all, it gave me some sense of my own progress.
So what did I discover? I definitely reconnected with my inner child and remembered aspects of my personality as a young girl that I had forgotten or lost. I was such a confident, vital child – many of my photos had me stood with arms high and open to the world. I’m tentatively starting to step back into that image and feeling – and I rather like it!
I also went with a specific aspect of myself that I wanted to work on. And this is where things have really shifted – the pennies are cascading! Something that has been a block for me for about 7 years has finally gone, I’m seeing things in a whole new light and I can now be so much more specific about asking the Universe for what I want. And even starting to truly believe I deserve it! I have completed the course feeling so much more positive, more connected to myself and the Universe and excited about the future. I’m definitely awakening!
No matter how much work I do on myself I find there’s always another layer. Sometimes I have to wait until my back’s against the wall before I do something about it but this was a much gentler process – being guided by Sarah, who is warm, encouraging and inspiring. She makes you want to be a better, happier you. I’m so pleased I did this course and am looking forward to more revelations – with her support. Thank you Sarah!

~ Julia – North Tyneside